The International Environmental Protection Gold Prize winner is a guest of the first financial exploration of visible energy conservation

In this year, the topic of carbon neutralization and carbon peaks has not decreased. The relevant proposals and bills of the representatives are obviously much more specialized than last year. Li Dongsheng, Lei Jun, Li Shufu, Li Yanhong, Zhang Ye, Wang Junjin and other entrepreneurs appeared. Related suggestions for carbon reduction and environmental protection.

Double carbon was once again written into the work report, put forward the goal of orderly promoting carbon peak carbon neutralization, carbon -to -peak operation plan, and also proposed a number of specific tasks and deployments. The policy route is clearer and pragmatic. On March 11, the first financial trump interview column "Operator" specially focused on the theme of "Jiang Li: Explore the Visible Energy Conservation". Jiang Li, as well as the dean of the Institute of Architectural Environment and Energy Research Institute of Architectural Sciences, Xu Wei, the Energy Conservation Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Building Sciences, and the host Liu Ye, the host of the enterprise In -depth discussions such as valid paths and other issues. First Financial Economic "Operator" program on -site International Environmental Award winner Tianjia, the first financial and economic "operator" is the deep financial interview column under the first financial and economic interviews. Business elites pursue the pace of economic development from the perspective of entrepreneurs.

The show is broadcast on the First Financial Channel and Oriental Finance every week, and radiates the world through the international financial channel CNBC. Under 3060 dual carbon targets, the three major energy consuming households of construction, industry and transportation are the main body of direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Among them, building energy consumption accounts for 35%of the energy consumption of the whole society. With the further development of the economy, this proportion will continue to increase. Taking Beijing as an example, carbon emissions value is as high as 40%-50%. Carbon emission reduction in the construction field has become a prerequisite, primary measure and best choice for my country’s achievement of dual carbon targets.

The current status of carbon emissions in the construction industry and how to solve the pain reduction of carbon reduction in the construction field has become a big focus of the guests in this program.

Xu Wei, the dean of the Institute of Architectural Environment and Energy Research Institute of Architectural Sciences, currently adopted the low -carbon measures adopted by the construction field. There are three main categories: first, the demand is reduced, that is, the demand for the use of the building body by passive technology; the other is the efficient system, that is, through Efficient energy systems to reduce energy consumption; third, renewable energy replacement, that is, the use of building body or peripheral photovoltaic, wind power and other renewable energy reduces conventional energy consumption, thereby reaching zero carbon or zero carbon. In the iteration of green buildings, the system efficiently becomes an important implementation path for the throttling link. Chairman Jiang Li focused on the key technologies and application related research on urban rail transportation efficient refrigeration systems jointly implemented by Tianjia United Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd. Jiang Li, chairman of Nanjing Tianjia Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., specifically, in order to solve industry problems with low energy efficiency, large energy consumption, accurate control, and complex construction of air -conditioning systems. Starting in many aspects, through a number of measures such as reasonable configuration, active electrical control, and BIM modeling engineering prefabricated, the high -efficiency machine room has successfully realized the green energy -saving transformation of high -efficiency machine rooms. Guangzhou Metro high -efficiency machine room demonstration station, the annual electricity savings are as high as 10,000 kilowatt hours, Ningbo Metro high -efficiency demonstration station, the annual electricity saving can also reach 10,000 kilowatt hours. The indicators are selected as typical cases of energy -saving technology in the Energy -saving Center of the Development and Reform Commission.

In November 2021, Tianjia successfully won the 2021 Paulson Sustainable Development Award Green Innovation Award with the comprehensive energy efficiency improvement and innovation model project of the building refrigeration system. The latter is a high -end authoritative award of the World Green Environmental Protection Industry sponsored by the Paulson Association and Tsinghua University.

The visible new model of carbon reduction and efficiency is effective. Innovation is undoubtedly a vital killer.

Tianjia has initiated the concept of lower cost of life. The core advantage is to build a triple -party trustworthy platform, advocate the delivery of indicators, quantitative energy management indicators, and make integrity visible.

How much is the energy conservation of the building? It is not based on Tianjia, but is jointly built by the three parties. The data.

Chairman Jiang Li pointed out. This public credit platform uses real technology to establish data credibility to establish, deepen and refine the algorithm technology based on active excellence. At the same time, the equipment health diagnosis algorithm and load budget method are introduced. The energy -saving model of the building breaks through the pain points on the road to the development of the edge of carbon reduction, and truly promotes the quality changes, efficiency changes, and dynamic change of economic and ecological development.

In fact, this innovation model has replicated applications in the entire industry’s refrigeration and air -conditioning system, including professional fields such as commercial buildings, rail transit, GMP pharmaceutical plants, electronic factories, and data centers. According to estimates, the 220 -seat stations that have been signed and implemented by Tianjia can save 100 million degrees at a year, and can save 10,000 tons of coal and reduce 140,000 tons of CO2 emissions. If the model is promoted to the national subway station, it can save up to 2.2 billion kWh in one year, save 710,000 tons of coal, and reduce 1.83 million tons of CO2 emissions.

The use of renewable energy to help the use of double carbon targets to effectively land renewable energy is also a hot spot for current market research.

Beginning in October last year, the double -carbon 1+N series policies were introduced to promote the key period of accelerating the acceleration of the renewable energy industry.

In this year, a number of representatives believe that under the target of dual carbon, vigorous development of renewable energy is an inevitable choice to accelerate the construction of a clean and low -carbon safe and efficient energy system.

The general consensus of the industry is that under the conditions and economy conditions, the cold and heat sources of the building should be renewable energy such as solar energy, geothermal energy, and industrial waste heat.

And solar energy including heat utilization and photovoltaic, as well as renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and industrial waste heat, have undergone a process from scratch, scale from small to large, and more. broad.

Tianjia’s full -scale spectrum (medium) low -temperature power generation strategy is to follow this idea.

Not only can geothermal (dry heat rock), industrial heat, biomass, and light heat be generated, but also includes hydrogen -making and large energy storage in the future.

Chairman Jiang Li introduced.

It is reported that in 2015, the Purecycleorc low -temperature power generation system of the inclusive acquisition of UTC’s inclusion of UTC, starting in 2019, the heating energy with the Alloy Eagle International Group has acquired EXERGY and Sebigas in Italy, independent research and development plus overseas mergers and acquisitions. The company with the most comprehensive spectrum, the highest efficiency, and the most advanced technology has established a benchmark model for successful power generation in Shanxi Tianzhen Town High -temperature geothermal scientific research demonstration test, and the first dry hot rock project in Tangshan Matou.

As the signal conveyed by the program, comprehensive and sustainable changes are happening.

During the fourteenth and fifth period, double carbon was a transformation challenge and an opportunity for the times. Sowing today’s green project, breeding the industrial tree of tomorrow, we need to work hard, work hard, work hard to enter the difficulty, and meet the great answers of green and low -carbon development. Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Key words:.

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