Studies have shown that climate change may cause 4%global GDP to face risks

It was reported on April 28. According to the Singapore "United Zaobao" website reported on April 27, a study of 135 countries showed that climate change could lead to 4%of the global GDP, and it was poverty to the world’s poverty. The regional crackdown was caused.

"Lianhe Zaobao" quoted Reuters reports that S & P Global issued a report on Tuesday (April 26) to study the impact of sea level rising and more frequent heat waves, droughts and storms. Studies have pointed out that if most of the government governments avoid implementing new policies for major climate change to calculate, the average losses of domestic GDP (GDP) of low -income and low -income countries may be more than wealthy countries.

It is reported that Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are facing the threat of wildfires, floods, large storms, and water resources, which means that 10%to 18%of the GDP in South Asia is facing risks, which is ten higher than European regions. Note.

Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and southern Sahara Africa are also facing considerable losses due to climate change.

According to the calculation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), in the past 50 years, average disasters related to weather, climate or water have occurred somewhere in the past 50 years, causing 115 people to die and more than 100 million US dollars per day.

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