The new appearance of the old district | Rhododendron is full of mountains and red spring.

In Jiangxi, many people know that the fire of the stars of the Chinese Revolution came from here.Now, please follow our camera to come for two days and one night, "Youtou".Entering the Cemetery of the Revolutionary Martyrs of Jinggangshan, he admired the rows of martyrs’ names in the hall, and talked about the century -old glory of youth without regrets.

The History of the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, red and flames.

More than 90 years ago, a shimmer of a core penetrated a long night.

Where the ancestors have walked, wherever you see is the sincerity of never fading on this land.Based on the foot of Longtan Waterfall, you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of Jinggangshan.Shenshan Village, one of the most remote poor villages in Jinggangshan in the past, is now becoming a rural tourist spot in net red punch cards.Jinggang appreciated the cuckoo, and Shenzhou welcomed the prosperous age.In this spring, come to Jinggangshan to go to a spring "dating".

Appearance: Xu Yajing shooting: Wang Kaifeng produced: Xu Yajing Xinhuanet Jiangxi Channel produced +1.

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