The Promotion Association of Property Reform and Promotion of Property Reform and Promotion of Mirror Housing Community in Wuhu City is held

On the morning of March 12, the property rectification and improvement of the residential community in Jinghu District, Wuhu City was held.

Before the meeting, Hao Daiwei, Secretary of the Mirror District Party Committee, and Lu Xiangui, the district chief, led the team to investigate the property management of residential communities. District leaders Wang Jianming, Zhang Zhengfei, Wei Feng, Xia Bin, and the relevant district departments were mainly responsible for comrades.

Hao Daiwei and his party listened to the masses’ demands, checked the rectification situation on the spot, and required the property company and relevant departments to rectify immediately on the spot for the rainwater sewage pipe network, fire hazards, random construction, greening and cleaning and elevator proposed by the masses.

At the meeting, the spirit of the meeting of the Wuhu City Property Management Remediation Work Conference was conveyed. Essence The district leaders arranged the next step of rectification in conjunction with relevant units. The meeting focused on why the contradiction between property management services was to carry out property remediation and promotion, where the contradiction between property management services and how to grasp the improvement of real estate management and improvement work deeply analyzed the shortcomings and deficiencies of property management in the region, and pointed out the direction of rectification and improvement.

The meeting pointed out that there are thousands of households in the property management relationship between the community, which is related to the quality of life of the people and the safety of urban safety and social stability. It is an important part of grass -roots social governance. The people’s voices are strong, which is the actual needs of improvement of the style, and the urgent requirement of urban construction and management. It is imperative to solve the problem of property management. All functional departments and streets should take the opportunity to conduct in -depth development of the "four major and two improvements" as the opportunity, take the initiative to act, and do it with a stronger determination, stronger strength, and more powerful measures to comprehensively promote the improvement of property rectification and continuously improve The level of property service management in the community is to obtain trust in the people with real actions, which truly makes the people feel. The meeting emphasized that the current property management in Jinghu District mainly exists in the problem of low property management, serious historical problems, slow establishment of the community industry committee, lack of awareness of departmental responsibility, and lack of civilization creation. The District Urban Management Bureau and the streets will start the prominent issues of property management as soon as possible throughout the district to investigate, rectify, and enhance the actions, and sort out the formats of systematic problems. Highlighting the problem, and the effects of changes and results every day.

All streets and departments should contact the reality, and in contrast to the three, in contrast to solve the actual results of the property problem, promote the great improvement of property management and promote the great transformation of the city image.

The meeting requested that all streets and departments must firmly establish the "one game of chess" thoughts in the district, accurately grasp the requirements of strengthening and improving property management, and cooperate with each other, continue to advance, work for a long time, pay close attention to the implementation of tasks, work hard to work hard, work hard Form a joint force to promote the upgrade of property services to high -quality and high -quality. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of party building and leading industry committees, standardized property management, comprehensive administrative law enforcement, and the construction of departmental linkage management mechanisms, work together, reverse the chaos of property management in our district as soon as possible, improve the quality of property services, and strive to create a warmer and harmonious for the citizens to create a warmer and harmonious harmony. The residential environment of the community truly builds Jinghu into the central urban area where is livable and suitable. (Tang Min) (Responsible editor: Wu Xilu, Gong Li) Share let more people see it.

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