A caring person who is a job seeker (like the new era)

  "Don’t worry, just this sister also goes to the housekeeping company for interviews. You two go." "I made a special trip to the bus? Let’s take a look at the post information on the wall first.

"In the lunch break, the lobby of the Employment Service Bureau of Baibei District, Baicheng, Jilin Province is still lively. Deputy Director Yu Yanhua (see the picture) was surrounded by the job seeker. A box of lunch next to the seat gradually lost his heat." Essence

"While there was no one, she quickly took a few sips of meals.

  This year is the thirty -fourth year of employment service work.

The Human Resources Market in Yubei District has served more than 30,000 people, and Yu Yanhua’s career introduction rate is more than 90%. However, in 2004, when Yu Yanhua was just transferred to the window post, the Employment Service Bureau Menke Rowcuff.

"Job hunting, the information form is over and over five or six positions. Who wants to come?" To this end, at the end of the year, Yu Yanhua walked the streets and lanes. Essence

"In less than two months, Yu Yanhua visited more than 200 companies in Baicheng City and wrote down the needs of various positions.

Gradually, there were more job seekers who came to the Employment Service Bureau. "You have a lot of posts here, can you help my son find a job? Editing procedures, so that software is okay.

"A lady asked Yu Hua. The lady’s son Xiao Zhang was" coaxed "by her mother to the Employment Service Bureau.

The young man bowed his head and fiddled with his mobile phone and said nothing. Help job seekers must also be "both symptoms and both."

Yu Xinghua sat down and handed a cup of hot water.

"I don’t want to find a job, don’t bother you. "Then let’s talk about your thoughts, and I also want to contact young people.

After some exchanges, Yu Yanhua learned that Xiao Zhang University studied at computer major, but he was not here.

In other positions, he couldn’t see it: "When you touch the software, your head is painful. Entering the factory? It is not enough to see a joke." Yu Yanhua pulled Xiao Zhang to look at the employment registration form, undergraduate, college, undergraduate … job seekers … The education and whereabouts are registered in one by one.

"You see, many people in the factory now not only have technology and knowledge. You must have heard of ‘big country craftsmen’, who does not thumbs up?" Xiao Zhang and his mother silently: "We go back and think about it." I have a phone call, you can remember, he is a undergraduate graduation to work in the factory, and you also listen to him.

Today, the job seekers in the Employment Service Bureau of the Beibei District are becoming younger. Professional hobbies are not clear and professional planning is not clear … The situation faced by Yu Yanhua is becoming more and more diverse. " It’s not a job to introduce a job. "Communicate with job seekers for an hour or two, it is Yu Yanhua’s normal work. Listening to his voice, seriously understanding confusion and troubles, communicating with each other, inviting others to share feelings … After enough to understand the situation, Yu Yanhua will be the job seeker. "Classification": If you want to work, discuss your post together; if you want to study, contact the training institution; when there is no job, Yu Yanhua will also connect with the headhunter. "Imagine yourself as a job seeker, and many issues will naturally have any questions. Answer.

"Yu Yanhua said.

  After finding a job, the contact with the Employment Service was not over. Through WeChat, telephone or field visits, Yu Yanhua always finds a way to contact them again to inquire about salary, development prospects, and satisfaction.

Yu Yanhua will continue to recommend well. On her desk, the company’s return list has been updated.

  In response to the new expectations of the masses for employment services, Jilin Province strengthened the construction of grass -roots platforms, incorporated employment services in the community work content, and guided service forces to sink to the grassroots.

By the end of 2022, all the grass -roots public employment service information will be realized; creating an integrated employment service platform, online, and based on the employment intention of assistant objects such as employment difficulties to match the employment information for them; System, "one person, one policy" for employment assistance.

Earlier this year, the Jilin Provincial Employment Leading Group issued the "Implementation Plan for the Quality Engineering Engineering Quality Project of Jilin Province", which will focus on the "six major actions" of public recruitment services upgrade, employment and entrepreneurship promotion of key groups, and employment skills improvement of workers.

  "Aunt Hua, I joined the workshop, and I worked in the workshop. The master also praised me today!" One night two weeks later, Xiao Zhang sent a WeChat to Yu Hua, and the picture was his own work photo.

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