The first XR studio was put into the use of Chinese virtual production technology to enter the deep water area

    For the XR virtual studio, the most important hardware is the LED screen. The quality of its quality directly determines the quality of the film screen and the trueness of the image space.

  Participated in the production of "Rain Banana", "Hometown Different Guest", "Xiaoyaoyou" and other films have repeatedly won the awards of well -known domestic and foreign film festivals such as the FIRST Youth Film Exhibition, Pingyao International Film Exhibition, and Chinese Youth Film Week. Xiaoyi said that for film and television productions, XR technology is not a industrial revolution in the field of production: before, "Star Wars" and other film series have used XR technology to complete their special effects production. "Daro" is made by most of the scenes from XR technology. Originally, it was saved, and some later costs were saved, and the production costs also dropped to an exaggerated number.

  In addition to lower production costs, for film and television production, the application of XR technology also means that shooting can not be affected by the weather, and it is not afraid of wind and rain at any time. You can see the overall special effects picture; the MR expansion layer has got rid of the sheds of the studio space, and it really realizes how big the heart is, how big the studio is. The end point of technology is beyond and eliminated. What we can do before the end is to use it as much as possible. Li Xiaoyi said so. But at the same time, he also showed that the current domestic application of XR virtual production technology is still in the stage of touching the river in deep water.

Although XR shooting has been made many times before, we have found many places that can be adjusted and optimized this time, and have made corresponding improvements.

In order to ensure sufficient efficiency and lens scheduling in the on -site shooting, we have developed a set of exclusive OSC control programs for the director group to control virtual screen switching and automatic lighting systems.

In the arrangement of the lighting system, in order to provide the scope of unlimited freedom to the camera, the team selected the Arriskypane series of lighting equipment after repeated testing, and placed most of the devices on the lifting system with the drama stage lighting method. Essence

In order to better cooperate with Mosys-Startracker’s hardware compatibility with the camera, we handle a set of attachment devices such as shortcut boards, universal arms, and energy compatibility devices.

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