The Fujian Women’s Federation carried out the publicity and educational activities of "Eight Minutes to Welcome the Twenty CPCs"

Southeast Network April 29th (reporter Chen Nan from this website) The reporter was informed that in order to implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the National Women’s Federation work requirements. Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Mass Theme Propaganda and Education Activities. According to reports, the event relying on the village residential community, women’s home, women’s micro -family, new era civilization practice center and other positions, to share with the women’s masses in a variety of forms such as women’s typical stories, literary exhibitions, and scenarios. The ideological power of innovation theory, tells the story of the party and the country’s cause of the party and the state since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the achievements of the women’s cause, the story of the "struggle with me", the story of the beautiful life of the living family, clearing the women and the life of the lively family. The beautiful prospects of the family, condense women’s hearts.

The spring of the world was warm in spring, and the northern Fujian tea was refreshing.

In the Women’s Micro Family "Spring Echo" story sharing of the Women’s WeChat in Wuyi Mountain in Nanping, the lecture on the story of the "Echo of Spring". The people around and the things around them lead the masses of women to listen to the party and follow the party. Nanping Tu Geori preached the selection of 100 gold medals lecturers, cultivated a 100 -branch lecture demonstration team, and launched the "300 Actions" of the Hundred Hall of Town Speaking Course.

In Longyan in the old district, Hakka Song songs attracted many people to stop and watch. In the "Red Theater", "Singing Singing Songs and Songs", "Mao Zedong Poetry Recitation", "The Tragedy War Song on the Daqing Mountain", "Eternity in the Fire -Fujian West Red The programs such as Chen Keyi "and" the spirit of the old district "and other programs brought the audience back to the revolutionary era of war fire. A strong and unyielding story of walking out of the family and joining the revolution made the audience tears in tears, applause burst into applause, and applause burst into applause. Essence In Zhangzhou, the Provincial Party Congress of the Dai clothing, the representative of the Dai clothing, and the three eight red flag bearers Lan Ahua, the Taiwanese female entrepreneur and the most beautiful family representative of the country shared their struggle stories. Women and the masses have stated that this form is good and the story is wonderful. We are born in a prosperous age. We must always listen to the party, follow the party, and use our own hard work and struggle. , Contribute to the comprehensive construction of a comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country, and contribute to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions. The reporter learned that the theme publicity and education activities include 11 main activities including ideological and political guidance, family construction, youth education, Babei Huili series activities, and learning experience. , Show the characteristics of the Women’s Federation, women and family characteristics. The activity strives to lead women with the theory of party innovation, inspires women with historic achievements and beautiful prospects, calls women with examples, and guide women to transform the sincere emotions of the gratitude party, the general secretary of thanksgiving, and the new era of gratitude into action. The event also requires the majority of women’s federations to firmly establish the concept of people -centered, effectively enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and do a good job of serving women to serve women.

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