Colorful life congregation!Changchun old couple hundred pencil painted more than 60 years old years

At the same class at the same class at the primary Shi Lei took a rainy day to go to Shi Lei took a school together to go home together. Zi Lei’s photo (CHUA, a sound) 嘎 la is a game when Wang Shi Lei in the title: the loving couple, the sacred.

– "Sweater" Xinhuanet Changchun March 13th (Maker) Open a few big color pencil paintings, open the old two old two, Wang Shuhong and Liang Wanzhen, more than 60 years of time.

  In the childhood, they were neighbors, accompanied by schools, became "at the same table"; young, they became a companion, warmth, motivate each other, to achieve each other; now, now, the children are in the knee, and enjoy the day, I will usher in golden marriage next year.

  These works are Wang Shuhong retired by self-study painting creation. Under the planning of the old family, she records the old days of the old days, and collects the book.

For them, this is both a witness to a beautiful life, and is also the education of the sector.

  On March 12th, in the family near Changxin Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, the old couple talked about their story. In 1945, they were born in Yushu City, Jilin Province, from a small neighbor, together with primary school, or the same table, and the same middle school.

After graduating from the teacher school, Wang Shuhong graduated in Yushu City, and Liang Wanzhen graduated from the Chinese Department of Jilin University, working at the Party School of Yushu Municipal Committee.

Friends and relatives feel that they are very common, "are all college students, they have cultural, and the stabbies are in terms of cultural.

"Wang Shuhong said. After a match, the two have been objects, and married in 1970." The husband and wife building a nest ", together to build a small home. After the Xinhua Net Shi Lei, the young two is hiped with a chicken. Shi Lei Mutual help mutual love. Zi Lei took a break into the elderly university. Zi Lei photo is actively enterprising in the work, and the life is mutually loved each other. After retirement, they came to Changchun life, and they also entered the elderly University, also became a classmate.

  In 2007, Wang Shuhong took a break in bed for half a year because she was inadvertently, she took the hobby of the painting, and she was still copying, and she started to create.

Children are very supportive to mothers, often bringing her color pencil.

  "The color pencil is convenient, ready to paint, draw the experience of our travel, I feel particularly tasteful." Wang Shuhong said that she felt in the creation, "Art is really coming from life, I need carefully, more The more you do it, the more interested in life, the more interested, the old companion, Liang Wanzhen, give him a staff member, an idea, can regard "my wife" as a creation theme, put the old couple in the past few decades of life Experience the painting! In this way, Wang Shuhong wrote a pen, and painted an impressive experience. Open the workset, a picture full of life, a scene of the past, a new year, showing in front of him.

  Maojia, farmhouse, the children play the eagle to catch the chicken, they are together at that time; go to school, in the classroom, they are at the same table, the classroom is also heating stove and chimney; go to middle school, she holds oil paper Umbrella, his head is covered with sacks, walking together in the rain of fluttering; chest, saffron, they hold a wedding, friends and relatives hold gifts to congratulate; small two carts together, soil Small homes; get off work, they are grouped together, used to burn, convenient and save money; on weekends, he was washed in the yard, she was drying next to it; the children slept, she could test the class at home. He gave her a counseling, how to speak better; he burys his head, drafting throughout the grass, she sent a glass of water; she became the principal, at the city’s primary and middle school sports meeting; he was in the party school as young cadres We will talk about the party class; after retirement, they walk into Changchun Elderly University; she is going to her outdoor, painting, he started photography after retirement; they still show together, play chess, travel together … I have been accompanied. Shi Lei is playable, "chess" is endless. Shi Lei took the three generations of tonal, and a family was happy. Xinhua Net Shi Lei took the years, the number of people on the picture was also increasing, from the beginning of the small couple, to the children played around, and then the children grew up, and later, the children also had their own children. At this time, they are no longer young, but they are still as young as young. Wang Shuhong’s color pencil painting has made a collection of nine collections. Among them, "I and my wife’s story" "The real experience" three volumes recorded him and the old experience, more than 100 works, and other " Painting the number of works such as "Southern Tour" and nearly 200. "We are all 70 years old.

"Silently spend the Liang Wanzhen next to it," When the country is difficult, our life is also difficult, and when the country is prosperous, we are very happy. Our life experience is a miniature of our country’s development experience. This kind of creation will definitely make sense, this is our idea we create this set of works.

He also said that didn’t have a camera, and it could not record the life. Now use the brush to draw it. For yourself, you can deepen your memory, you can make your child feel more is not easy, and I have an educational role in them.

Wang Shuhong and Liang Wanzhen are old. Shi Lei will continue to draw colorful life with color pencils. Shi Lei photo Wang Shuhong’s color pencil painting has been compiled into 9 books. She and my wife continue to continue. Shi Lei took marriage for 49 years, what is the deepest? Wang Shuhong thought about it, "We both likely, do everything together, give an example, he wash your clothes, I dry clothes, he feed chicken, I am taking, very coordinated, harmonious.

Whether it is a job, life or learning, it is very harmonious.

I helped him to do cotton jackets, trousers, and shoes, when doing shoes, he does not pick.

The conditions are very hard, but we are not afraid of suffering, always optimistic, white hand starting home … bitter, happy, feel very sweet.

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