Da Jiangdong | Tree, Road, Wall, Detail Refining "The most poetic" Hengfu style

Speaking of the most "net red" recently in Shanghai, I am afraid that it is a non-Wukang Building. This building is not a solitary "big", its background is a Hengduan historical culture.

As the largest protection area of ??Shanghai, we will refer to the total area of ??square kilometers in the style, including the square kilometers of Xuhui region, 950 excellent historical buildings, 1774 reserved historical buildings, 2259 general historic buildings.

And to achieve this "most poetic neighborhood", every road, every wall, every tree is an indispensable "one word" of "poetry". Responsible for the repair and maintenance of the refusal style, the Xu Fang Group, adhered to the combination of protective inheritance and organic update, focusing on increasing the improvement in the face, forming refined management "Hengfu standard."

So, how is the details of "moisturizing silent" in the style of the scene? The Dajiang East Studio went to the ground to explore.

"Wukang Building" has recently been found in the art, often goes to the old readers of the Shanghai Library to find that the high-level road behind the rectification is more charming. On the road of about 1000 meters across, 36 art well cover with the "Wukang Building" pattern. Yu Hui, general manager of Shanghai Xu Fang Construction Industry, introduced that in order to make the well cover and the road more coordinated, according to different characteristics of different road sections, three different paving materials were used when rushed to the sidewalk. The "artistic manhole cover" is used in imitation marble, "the pendant" surrounding high-intensity compound imitation iron materials, water-water stones, etc., and other sections use a waterproof.

In this way, neither the root growth of the channel tree, and the rain can be quickly drained. Fine management is also reflected in construction or on-site management.

The road traffic in the style is large, and the pedestrians are more, so the road renovation construction time is located 21 o’clock.

At the same time, it is also laid a bridge in the construction road to ensure that every road returns to normal passing the next morning. When construction, the reflective cone isolation construction area and the non-construction area are used, and a full-time traffic safety officer assisted the traffic order.

At the same time, the whole road construction is carried out overall milling of the road surface. There are many unique houses on Gao’an Road, which seems to be a normal historical building wall, which covers a variety of walls such as pullery, compression, and water mill. Yu Hui said that "pull" is like painting, the workers are artists painted on the wall.

What technology is used in the wall, but also the style of architecture.

"Washing and blowing" Let French phoenix "pleasant people" hugged a shadow of French phoenix, is a large landscape with a style.

This sidewalk tree that is known "Sundier Wood", one goes to spring, and the fruit is flying, and it also causes trouble to the pedestrians. Last year, Xu Fang Group’s Shanghai Xuhui Garden Development Co., Ltd. has developed the "Washing" integrated fruit fly to prevention and treatment technology, achieved good results. First of all, it is a winderman. The wind cylinder on the car is aligned with the branches.

Then, the foggy car travels along the middle lane, spraying the water mist, the water mist is bonded to the ground, quickly falls to the ground.

Then, the high-pressure sprinkler shifts the high-pressure water column to the pavement, and the forah sticks stick to the ground.

Zhang Jun, general manager of Xuhui Garden Development Co., Ltd., refers to the green refined nourishes of the historical and cultural style, covering 53 green spaces, 3 parks, and 7022 lines in Xujiahui Street, Tianping Street and Hunan Street area.

The sidewalk trees in the appearance area are more thick than the trees in other regions. Many trees have been seeded for seven or eighty years, and even have a hundred years old. Sometimes 40 workers go to the tree, only 9 trees can be trimmed down one day.

It is different from general green space, park and sidewalk trees, and there is a specialized refined maintenance standard in the style, refining the annual maintenance measures, fixed post, calibration, timing, and people. Here, a sidewalk tree maintenance team mainly based on veterans, inheriting the fine quality of the military to the team. The white seam in a red brick wall has four kinds of workforming details, and the intensity will continue to be inherited. Yu Hui said that the old architecture is old, and the "old mage" of the craftsmanship is inseparable from a batch of craftsmanship.

Just take the inconspicuous pull craft wall, there is no 5 years of practice, I can’t do it. In order to transfer these crafts, Xu Fang Group has established training bases and cultivates construction repair talents. When Dongjie came to the training base near Shilong Road 345 Shanghai South Station, it was catching up with the first Shanghai Housing Repair Skills Competition. In the sultry in Huangmei rainy season, the craftsmen have wall repair tiles, sweating, and discuss. In a month, more than 170 first-line repairs will take out the family’s skills, in the competition, and finally. The training base seems to have a concentrated Shanghai Modern architectural template.

No 100 meters of channels, from the typical and materials of the EMS, small bricks, concrete, water measuring bricks and colorful asphalts.

The roadside is a large, two, four giving sites, etc., the roadside, is a large, two, four giving sites, etc. The 64-year-old Lingying Xiang master taking advantage of the mystery of the guided the gap, introducing the east sister: "Take the white sewing in the red brick wall of the Shanghai Outang Room, there is concave sewing, bump, Springs and seams 4 kinds of work methods, corresponding to different parts and functions. "Lao Ling was less than 20 years old, followed the carpenter father, 40 years, woodworking, watt, water and electricity sample. Lao Ling has participated in the three repairs of Wukang Building, witnessed the concept of historical building protection in different times.

"In the 1970s, the so-called old building repair is a hole tackle." Lao Ling said that the second repair of Wukang Building in the 1990s, but only the surface "old as old", such as Brick red coating brushes the old wall.

"I have been in recent years, the government invests in, and the cultural and security concept is progressing, and the old building really resumes historical appearance.

"When the Wuxi Building is repaired, the craftsmen are carefully grinding the previously repaired facade cement and coating, filling into the patch-free repairing material.

La Ling said: "The demand for the old buildings is higher than the high, and the technical requirements for workers are getting higher and higher." Yu Hui said, "the old" is not simple restoration, but also without damaging the building body To meet the residence needs of existing households. In the nearest renovation, the surrounding airlines around the Wukang Building are all in-situ, which is white in the sky. Originally messy air conditioning external machines are also unified "stealth" to the well-designed outer rack.

Yu Hui said that the craftsman who is active in the old building will be nearly retired, and the workers in this craft will be less and less, and they must train off-hands. The old vendor is striving for fine, there is a strong professional honor, I hope this kind of craftsman can continue. At present, half of the training base training is a first-line worker, half of the project management personnel.

"We hope to improve the overall level of old buildings from the concept to the concept of the process. Promoted the renovation of the residential historic buildings in the 11 million square meters of the country and the repair and transformation of the house of 2.6 million square meters. The Secretary-General of the Office of History and Cultural and Excellent Historical and Cultural and Excellent Historical Architecture Protection, Zeng Zhejiang, introduced that in order to cultivate the corresponding craftsman team, according to "the story of the story, the venue of the competition, the venue of the teaching and research", Shanghai strengthens Repairing skills training base construction.

"A one-book", historical building to build a gene library "In the management of excellent historical buildings and historical and cultural style, Shanghai is implementing the most stringent, most scientific protection system, formulating strengthening historical style, promoting historical building activation utilization A series of policies.

"2021 Shanghai Culture and Natural Heritage Day main forum, the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Housing Management Bureau said.

After more than 30 years, Shanghai has formed a comprehensive historical building protection system, involving 1058 outstanding historic buildings, 397 style protection roads (streets), 250 style protection neighborhoods and 44 historical and cultural districts, "points, line The combination of faces should be guaranteed. Shanghai launches "a one-piece" protection file preparation.

As of the end of 2020, completed 3151 excellent historical architects, accounting for more than 97%.

"Shanghai will continue to promote the protection of historical buildings. Shanghai has included excellent historical buildings into a gridized inspection system to establish a" automatic discovery "mechanism.

Next, pilot pilot the key protection site of excellent historic buildings and all feature components and fully detailed survey measurements, form three-dimensional model, and build a specialty standard family, establish an excellent historical building genetic map. "The person in charge of the Shanghai Housing Management Bureau said.

"There is a city memory in Shanghai in the style, and the soft power of Shanghai’s urban governance." Zeng Zhe said. (Editor: Gong Shao, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

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