Championship Gamman Chess Women’s 100m Preliminaries First Zhu Yaming Three-stage jumping crown

CCTV News: Beijing time on June 11th, in the 2021 National Track and Field Championship and Olympic selection competition in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, ended the first morning time, Liaoning player Zhu Yaming took a man with a 17-meter 39 The three-level jump champion, the performance is ranked third in this year, Asia first.

In addition, Su Bingtian won the first 10 m-bearing in 10 seconds 13, and Ge Mamanto won the women’s 100m preliminaries in 11 seconds 23.

Men’s three-level jump field, Zhu Yaming second jumped out 16 meters 94, and finally jumped in the premise of the wind per second, Zhu Yaming jumped out of 17 meters! The score is only 1 cm lower than him, and the world ranks third in this year.

Due to the US star Christian-Taylor injury to the Tokyo Olympic Games, I can jump out of 17 meters 39 Zhu Yaming, which is also considered to be a potential dispute in hot. Guangdong selection Search Wu Rui Tie 16 meters 90 won the runner-up, Shaanxi Player Fang Yaoqing was 3 meters 70. Men’s Jade Gun finals, Tianjin players won the champion by 76 meters 98, Beijing player Liu Qizhen 72 meters 48 won the runner-up, Beijing player Liu Zhekai 70 meters 69 get the third.

Men’s 1500m preliminaries, Guangxi players Liu De help 3 minutes and 50 seconds 23 won the champion, Zhejiang players 奚 枭 horizon 3 minutes and 50 seconds 70 get the runner-up, Shanghai player Xie Dongsheng 3 points 50 seconds 99 get the third. Women’s 400 meters preliminaries, Guangdong players Mojiatue 53 seconds 66 ranked first.

The Men’s 4x100m preliminaries, the Fujian team ranked first in 39 seconds 56. (Editor: Li Ya).

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