Boao Voice with Hainan Rhythmo Reform and Open New Music

In the parallel forum in the theme of "Excellency Reform and Opening for 40 Years: Boao Yun, Hainan Rhyme" as the deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the original Secretary-General of the Boao Forum, Chairman Dragon Youth Map (Figure) and China Wu Shusedu, Dean of Nanhai Research Institute (Right), to further dedicate the development of Hainan to the Boao Forum, and help reform and opening up to conduct dialogue.

People’s Network Beijing November 16th, the 5th China Enterprise Globalization Forum opened today in Hainan Sanya. This forum was jointly hosted by the Global Library (CCG), the Ministry of Commerce China International Economic Cooperation, Sanya City Government.

In the parallel forum in the theme of "Experimental Reform and Opening, Forte Di Years: Boao Voice, Hainan Rhyme" as the theme The important declaration of gradually building free trade ports is very pleased.

It can be seen that Boao Forum has brought great benefits to Hainan to Hainan and promoted Hainan to open. This shows that it has become a major driving force for urban development. For example, Qingdao and Xiamen, therefore expanded global visibility, which has made significant positive significance for expanding the opening of the city.

He said that this is an important historical experience that Boao Forum brings reform and opening up.

As a Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, Long Yong Tu witnessed the growth of the Boao Forum, and also witnessed Hainan’s growth in the growth of the Boao Forum.

Today, the Party Central Committee and the people of the whole country are highly hoped, but this road in front of Hainan is still very long, there are many difficulties need to overcome.

Long Yonggu believes that the biggest problem is the problem of talents, because it is difficult to achieve these big strategic ideas.

He hopes that the Boao Forum on Asia can play a role to help attract the best talents in Hainan. And it is suggested whether the Boao Forum can set up a sub-forum, specializing in the strategic concept of Hainan to travel to the port of Free Trading Port, focusing on global wisdom, national wisdom research Hainan further reform and opening up. At the same time, he said that the issue of Hainan reform and opening up is not only the development of Hainan, but also provides a copyable experience for the development of the country.

Long Yongtu said that the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China needs to promote reforms in the open promotion, Boao Forum is an open big platform stage, hoping to promote Hainan’s reform through this platform for external exchanges, providing a system foundation for Hainan.

Wu Shushu responded that Boao is actually a hub that Hainan’s development. Nowadays, foreign politics, business leaders go to Boao, it is the business card of China, Hainan’s business card, showing Chinese style, China’s style.

"The policy operation system of the free trade port in 2035 must be basically ready, and the business environment should reach international first-class, and in this century, it will take the lead in achieving modernization, entering this well-off society. This is also a huge opportunity for Hainan, which means huge challenges I think Hainan is full of confidence in the future. "(Editor: Xu Xiangli, Yang Mu) sharing more people to see.

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