Cangzhou City launched the "Red Legend" into the campus series activities in Guangxi’s first rural party branch

On June 29, a red theme activity was held in Xixia Middle School, Xia Yizhen Town, Wanxiu District, Guangxi, held, more than 160 guests attended the launching ceremony, more than 50,000 teachers and students. The masses will be synchronized by the live broadcast of the Internet.

Liu Xiaolin, director of the party member education center (remote office), Guangxi Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee, deputy general manager to Runhua, Zhang Huizhou Municipal Committee, Minister of Organization, Zhang Huiqiang attended the event. The event was opened with the short film of the Zhangzhou revolutionary adventure, "Remembering you" song performance, on the spot, the scene of the Sudia martyrs, showing the strong red cultural atmosphere of Zhangzhou. In recent years, the Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attaches great importance to the inheritance and development of red cultural resources. It has launched a group of red cultural historical materials, built a batch of red cultural memorial facilities and tourist attractions, and carry out a series of promotion of red cultural activities, creation series of red Literary works, red culture into the organs, enter the campus, into the community, enter the company’s atmosphere, and the results are more increasing.

In the event, Zhang Huiqiang hopes that all units around the city will focus on strengthening the construction of the primary and secondary schools, and fully implement the party’s educational policy, vigorously carry out the "red legend" into the campus series, and "five combinations", and socialist core values ??education Combine, combined with the school team, party construction activities, combined with classroom teaching, discipline integration, combined with national defense education, traditional culture into campus activities, combined with "learning hero model, do a good job of good people, and guide the students to remember Red history, pursue red footprint, inheriting red gene, carrying forward the revolutionary spirit, and striving for useful materials for the country. Liu Xiaobin said that Zhangzhou is the cradle of Guangxi Red Revolution. In the history of the Guangxi Party, Zhangzhou has 18 high-priced "first", including Guangxi’s first CPC local party branch, Guangxi’s first CPC Local Executive Committee, emerged. A large number of excellent heroes such as Lin Pei Bin, Suantong, Li Suqiu. I hope that Zhangzhou City will make full use of red resources, and continue to walk in the forefront. By carrying out "Red Legends" into primary and secondary school campus series activities, education guides the majority of adolescents to relive red memory, integrate the red gene into the blood, from red culture, red The strength of the gene is drawn, and a batch of red passes in the new era of long row roads.

At the same time, I hope that the students will study hard, learn the skills, and strive to build a revolutionary martyrs hope to yearning, fight for it, and sacrifice the red Republic. In the event, the "Red Legend" book donation ceremony, the leader of the meeting jointly pressed the handprint on the LED screen, a thick "red book" slowly opened, meaning 2020 "Red Legend" into the campus series The event is officially launched, and a red activity will be wonderful.

The leaders of the meeting also visited the First Rural Branch Memorial Hall in Guangxi, China. (Zhangzhou Municipal Committee Organization Department).

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