Chengde: "Double Base" to build a "loan" to revitalize

  Our cattle has four or five years. I have been investing in the money, plus this year’s cattle price is not high, and we are not willing to sell. As a result, the money did not even bought the winter feed to the cow. When we were worried, the six-channel staff came to my house to visit, asking us what is difficult, I told them about the lack of money, they calculated my comprehensive credit amount of 15,000 according to my homework. Yuan, the credit line is 80,000 yuan. Cai Xiuhua said that I think this is a good thing. On the third day, I went to the Liu Ditch Branch to do 80,000 yuan of credit loans. I took a 20,000 yuan to buy a forage, now Impro. Not much, I have waited for a while, I will loaned the remaining 60,000 yuan. In Yanjiagou Village, the farmer who is using credit to get loans like Cai Xiuhua far more than her family.

In the innovation exploration of financial services, credit soft indicators have become the hard conditions of loan, and there is a new way in Chengde County and credit loans.

  With the completion of the completion of the two-base co-construction, we now enter the system to enter the system, it produces the corresponding credit rating, the integrated credit line, and then adjusts the comprehensive credit according to the specific needs of customers. The amount and credit limit, using the total banks to build a customer loan green channel, quickly complete the approval and distribution of the loan, and we also develop different interest rate preferential policies for different industry mains, truly effectively solve the difficulty, loan expensive And there are many problems with running legs.

The staff of the River Riversisher Bank Credit Management Department said in Haichun. According to statistics, there are currently 93 units in Yanjiagou Village, all completed the rating credit, and the comprehensive credit line is 14.95 million yuan. Among them, the credit loan amount is 4.98 million yuan, and there is a total of 8 households, and the total amount of information. 5.47 million yuan. Rustic revitalization, inseparable from real gold.

Understand the pain points of rural development, master the financial needs of farmers, in order to truly inject financial live water into the country.

Taking YANG Jiagou Village Shuangli Building a Trunking Credit Credit Corporation, Heihe Rural Commercial Bank gradually promoted the implementation of the village credit in all administrative villages in jurisdiction, through setting up a rural revitalization financial service complex, increase credit fund support strength, etc. The way, providing the masses to the Pu Hui Financial Services that can be obtained in the village.

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