Beijing has completed 5 cases of case virus sequencing of Delta variarism

Original title: Beijing has completed 5 cases of case virus sequencing in Delta variand strain November 12, Chaoyang District came to Guangying Township Huadi City Community to start all nucleic acid detection, and the picture is in the community.

Our reporter Chenggong Take the City CDC yesterday (12th), Beijing’s epidemic sequential diagnosed case virus all genome sequence has been completed, and the completed 5 cases of diagnosis of diagnosis of diagnosis belong to Delta variarid. On November 10, the city was reported to the provincial investigation of the provision of activities in Beijing, and immediately responded, quickly acts, strictly implemented various prevention and control measures, and resolutely block the viral communication chain.

  As of 24:00, November 11, the city found 7 new crown viral infections associated with other provincial investigation cases, including 2 in Chaoyang District, 5 cases of Haidian District.

At present, the Municipal Disease Control Center laboratory has completed 5 cases of diagnosis case virus all genome sequencing, sequence analysis showed that viruses belong to Delta variard strain, and the early cases of affected epidemic in Fengtai District, Haidian District, Changping District The gene sequence is highly homologous, which is the same as the same propagation chain.

At the same time, it is possible to discharge the possibility of propagation of potential infections in early Beijing, which is still in progress. (Editor: Pool Dream, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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