Changchun Wide City: Let civilization become the most beautiful background of the city

  Xiangcheng District Carried the Community Volunteer Service Integral Exchange Activities Wide City through the landscape style, showbraft, public service advertisements, etc., create a civilized city atmosphere, the first secretary of the Changshan Garden Community Party Committee, Wu Yaqin, to serve the residents, wide urban area through landscape style, exhibition board, public service advertisement and other forms Create a civilized city atmosphere to carry out civilized and healthy green environmental five access activities wide urban area through landscape modeling, showboard, public service advertisements, etc. Create a civilized city atmosphere to create a civilized city atmosphere through landscape style, showboard, public service advertisements A group of unin-finished public service advertisements; a clean and tidy city road; before the zebra crossing, the vehicle stops waiting for pedestrians; bus stops, passengers consciously routinely waiting to get on the car … These various scenes are the Changchun Wide City The epitome of civilization creation work. Today, Changchun Zhicheng has put civilized into the gene of urban development, and it is the action of each wide city, so that civilization has become the most beautiful in the world, so that the people will feel, happy, safe Constantly enhanced. Deepening civilization and creation, pursuing civilization, achieving consciousness of civilization, in-depth development of civilization, and specializing in the establishment of a leading agency with the main leadership of the regional committee and district government, implementing a "one hand" project, which has established itself Organizations and working mechanisms, and regularly organize the creation of work deployment meetings, dispatching, training sessions, promotion meetings, and realize the normalization and long-term operation of Chuangcheng work.

  The whole district is based on "Harmony and Wide City", the new media such as "Wide City", and the door network is used as a platform. It uses H5, anime, graphic and other means to set up "Creating Civilization City, Wide City in Action" "to make civilization and love. The city’s garbage classification is started from me "" Online Mobile Public Service Advertising "and other topics, innovative propaganda, creating an atmosphere, and reflects the creation of work in the wide city in time through information, Q & A and other forms. Read more than 10,000 times.

At the same time, the Wide City has newly created two socialist core values ??in the forest park and Haitangyuan this year, and further improve the people’s streets and the public welfare advertising carrier around the Guanfu Road.

Up to now, the number of public service advertising boards in the region has more than 2,000 pieces, and the new construction of large-scale publicity exhibition boards or 74 landscape styles. 318 small iron art welfare advertisements, adding construction enclograpons for public service advertisements 5426 square meters, and created for Wide City Civilization Work creates a strong atmosphere.

  In June this year, the Wide City Civilization Office jointly held a series of "civilized and healthy green environmental lifestyle" theme exhibition series activities to enter the community, into the organs, enter the school, enter the mall, walk Inci-village and other ways, focus on cultivating the vast number of civilized and healthy lifestyles, further enhance the spiritual style of the majority of the people to actively and healthy, and carry out the "not civilized behavior" civilization, will be collected 13 uncivilized behaviors feedback to the relevant departments, and the resolution rate reached 100%.

At the same time, through the "civilized community" "civilized house" selection activities through the "civilized house" selection activities, the district has selected 11 "civilized communities", 59 "civilized corridors", 55 households, and carry out "cigarette butt, Changchun A series of mass participating activities, so that the broad city citizens are truly involved in the construction of urban civilization.

  In the cohesive force, jointly promote civilization creation work, Zhimen District leads to arrest, play contact, coordination, supervision, and related functional departments, and forms up and down work, forming a work situation, forming a work, together, together. Among them, the Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of the Guancheng District adopted activities such as "urban scar governance" "urban scar governance" and other activities; the Municipal Supervision Bureau Wide City Branch actively built safety and peace of mind, advocating integrity management to build integrity market, Create the people "Reassuring Consumption Demonstration Store"; the Housing and Construction Bureau of the Wide City is through the green, hitting the garden to improve the green quality, and use the compound ecology to block the beauty street, adding a vitality to the city. The spread of civilization has made "Wide City Good People" become a bright business card in recent years, and "Zhimen Good People" has always been the main entry point of the width area spread civilization, and be a bright business card. In order to continuously do a good job in "Wide City Good People", the Ministry of Publicity Department of the Wide City District continues to strengthen the ideological and moral construction of citizens. By establishing a good person to dig, good people and cultivated, good people selection, good people commendation, good people, etc. 272, 42 models; 183 in Changchun, 17 models; 19 Jilin Good people, 20 models; 2 people in China; 20 mid-level models, 6 provincial moral models, 5 national moral model 5 people, 1 model in the national era.

  At the same time, the Zhimen District Propaganda Department, the District Civilization Office launched a live broadcast activity in the second good person (cloud on the cloud) of the Guancheng District in March this year, and passed through the provincial, municipal, and district three media platforms.

On the day of the event, nearly 50,000 people in the gigant, the number of participants in the Guiishi platform participated in the number of participants, a pragmatic amount of 3,000; "Harmony Zhima" Weibo and the shake number 20 hours hits nearly 40,000 times. The accumulation of activities is more than 200,000, which greatly enhances the propagation and influence of "Wide City Good People". The Wide City is also through the improvement of the good people’s gift mechanism, set up a good people’s reward fund, organizes good people to watch movies, medical examination, and widely promoted good people in the "Changchun Good Man", in the Wide City Impression WeChat platform launched "good people" "De Runwai City" series column, and carry out more than 20 good people’s tour series, and continuously enhance the level of citizens’ ideological and moral construction at the same time in improving the society to good people.

  Carrying forward the new style of the era, a diversified volunteer team, wide city, with volunteer service, to meet the needs of the masses as the main line, established three new era civilization practice centers, 11 new era civilization practices, 122 new era civilization practice stations.

Among them, the New Times Civilization Practice Center in the Wide City is reluctant to rely on the district culture museum, with the cultural volunteer service as the main body, carry out series of cultural activities such as guzheng, vocal music, dance, paper-cutting and national learning hall, which greatly enrichs the cultural life of the masses, enhances the people. Spiritual style; Xinyuan Street New Times Civilization Practice So "Let the Old Tree Hair New Bud, New Tree Decheng" as the concept, build 2550 square meters of activities; Kaixuan Street, New Times Civilization Practice Station, "one stop One Pavilion One Center, One Piece, Three Station, Wooden Place "brand. While carrying out a series of theme activities in the region, more than 500 volunteers such as "Three Long" volunteers and members of the stationary street social organization form "Red Fan Patent Social Workers" team, carry out me, everyone is me Six volunteer services such as "Warm" "Connected". At the same time, the Wide City is through the continuous normative volunteer organizational architecture, and fully constructs professional service projects, and builds the "Wide City Red Volunteers" Volunteer Alliance Service Brand, and formulas the Red Volunteer team around policy consultation, education services, cultural services, science and technology, etc. It is practical to implement new initiatives for the people of the people. Among them, the Changshan Garden Community has been awarded the 2020 national learning Lei Feng volunteer service "four 100" advanced typical communities, volunteer service points redemption experience gains national promotion.

  In addition, the wide city is fundamentally in the basic form of volunteering, and the grassroots service people’s livelihood platform is opened. Up to now, more than 100 volunteer service teams in the region, more than 70,000 registered volunteers, have carried out more than 1,000 events of various activities, and benefits more than 50,000 people in the jurisdiction.

Editor in charge: Huang Wei.

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