Convenience! Hefei Yuyang District is the first installed elevator full coverage community

Recently, with the construction of the elevator in 2 units in the Xinghua Community, the community has also become the first community that realizes the full coverage of the installed elevator in the Fuyang District. Apricot Huadi, which was built in the 1990s, is located in Xinghua Community, Sanxiaokou Street, Yuyang District, and retired old people in the community, and the voice of the installed elevator has been high.

Since 2019, the Yuyang District is fully considering the owners’ self-sovereignty, and the eligible cell has vigorously advanced the existing residential installation elevators. Nowadays, there are 21 unit buildings in the Xinghua Community, and 15 units have used elevators, and 6 units of installed elevators are being stepped in construction. I lived on the building, I didn’t have to smash the building again and the old companion. Recently, the residents of the community said happily.

The installation elevator is a good policy, but it is not easy to think that the first installation is. The uncle of the residents of the community is the first person who first calls the elevator in the community, talking about the experience of installing the elevator, is also emotional.

Since most of the seniors in the unit are older, I hope to sit on the elevator, and he is enthusiastic to persuade the house. Low-level households have doubts. They are not just needed for the use of elevators, and they are worried that the elevator installation will affect the lighting and generate noise, and the elevator is difficult to advance.

In response to this situation, community staff also began to work on doing work. Since some residents don’t understand the policy, the staff will explain the policy to them. We propagandally promoted the policies of the installed elevator and fully understand the ideas of the residents and unwind them against the heart knot of the installed elevator. Chen Rongsheng, a staff member of Xinghua Community, said.

Elevator installation companies have also been patiently explained to them.

Under the coordination of multi-party communication, neighbors finally agreed to sign in the form of comments, and elevators were successfully installed.

The elevator is also verified while the elevator is convenient and comfortable.

Residents’ concerns have been canceled, and the pace of the community is also accelerated.

The staff of the Employeing Bureau of the Fuyang District told reporters that the installation of the elevator government can guide, explain the process, but there is no way to make it.

People who need to actively organize and errands will drive other residents of the community. Yuyang District also escorted in all aspects.

The District Housing Construction Bureau implements the refined management of the work of the elevator in real time by establishing an information platform. During the construction process, the relevant departments will also cooperate with all kinds of pipeline migration, further reduce the installation cost of the user; through the introduction of third-party quality and safety inspection units, inspecting all key nodes, let the people of the community eat Self-heart pill.

Up to now, in Fuyang District has implemented 234 residential installed elevators, 101 of which passed the acceptance, which greatly facilitated the daily travel of the old people. In the future, the district will continue to advance to the implementation of both residential installation elevators, so that more old residents enjoy the convenience of the elevator to life. (Zhang Linfeng).

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