Disease control experts advise: infants under 3 years of age should not wear masks

Original title: infants under 3 years of age should not wear masks children’s self-protection awareness is not strong, the main route of transmission is droplet infection, contact characteristics of the disease mainly as aggregation of the family unit of the disease. The younger the infant, the more difficult to find, once the disease progress faster, but also to strengthen protection. In the normalization of the current epidemic prevention and control, disease control experts made the following advise: * infants under 3 years of age should not wear masks, can lead to suffocation, but can not use collar, small towels, etc. on its snout as a mask, which is more dangerous It should be based on passive defense-oriented; * cough caregivers, children should avoid sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow sleeve; * children’s goods, toys and utensils should be disinfected regularly; * Do not attempt mouth or food chewing feeding children, and do not blow cold hot mouth feeding children, the children do not share utensils; * children try not to confined spaces or in public places. When they go out, try not to take public transportation, keep the distance of 1 meter with others; * When the children to the hospital or vaccination, the residence time as short as possible, wash their hands after coming home; * should change clothes after the parents go home, wash your hands before holding the baby; * home should always ventilation, avoid direct blow or child cold when ventilation; * when parents or caregivers fever, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms should seek immediate medical attention will be handed over to someone else to take care of children, to avoid further contact with the child.

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