2021 Xing’an League, Right, Mingqi Pentagon, Five-Tiangle Maple Tourism Festival

The Musash Map Prince Scenic Area Mingji Four Hu played the country, the flag is the important birth to the Corqin culture, and it is also an important fulcrum in the tourism industry.In recent years, the Banqi, Hongqi, is in the heart of the deep historical culture, the pure and rich folk customs, and the unique beauty of natural scenery, and the "ecological meal, be a cattle article, and read the text" development ideas.With the "One Flag Nine Country" cultural brand, the strategic goal of "Wen Jiao" is put forward, collaborate with the well-known enterprises of the OCT Northern Group, Zhongqing Travel, etc., the whole flag power promotion, rich in cultural tourism, rich extensionThe "one district three-line" boutique line has created a distinctive, characterized, highlighting, and further promoted the vigorous development of Xing’an League.(Bao Yin Deger Xu Wenjun) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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