Be careful to "OEM"! Some well-known brands authorized product quality

  In recent years, brand authorization has become a common business model, and there are a large number of brand authorized products in the market.

Due to the qualifications of authorized parties, the brand is lacking supervision, "OEM" product quality problem is frequent. Some experts believe that if the brand is a vulnerability in the authorized qualification appraisal, quality supervision, etc., leading to quality problems in the product, should bear the corresponding responsibility. During "Double 11", many consumers continued to come to the shopping cart. However, Ms. Liu, Beijing consumers, found a brand in warm underwear online, and there were multiple flagship stores in Jingdong and other platforms, and the store was selling the brand’s clothes, and said it is genuine. Later, she learned that many of the products of the brand were "OEM" products. The merchant spends a few thousand yuan a year, and the right to use the brand trademark and use these brands on its own products. Industry insiders pointed out that "OPT" or "Brand Authorization" products refer to the licensee to grant the trademark or brand of the owned or agent to the authorized manager, and the authorized person shall engage in business activities according to the contract. And pay the corresponding fees to the licensee.

Brand authorization stores are numerous on the e-commerce platform.

These stores often use the "XX flagship store" "XX specialty store" name, in the details page, put "genuine" label, emphasize the quality.

However, when the owner of the trademark does not actually control the production and sales process, is there a product quality of the brand? "Workers Daily" reporter launched a survey.

  Brand authorization into a common business model "There are two tags, you should see if there should be one in the bag." Recently, consumers have purchased the costumes of a Antarctic authorized store on the e-commerce platform, but found the tag after receiving the goods It is other brand, the reply obtained when contacting the customer service is that there should be two tags, the Antarctic tag may be forgotten. In recent years, brand authorization has become a common market business model. In April this year, the "2021 China Brand Authorized Industry Development Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") issued by China Toys and Baby Supplies Association Brands (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), the retail sales of China’s annual authorized commodities in 2020 is 11.06 billion yuan. The authorized product is increasingly rich and diverse, including toy entertainment, clothing ornaments, food drinks, gift souvenirs, etc., covering all aspects of people’s lives.

There are industry insiders analyzed that brand authorization has become a new motivation for entity economic development, and future prospects is broad.

  Brand authorization is also a new direction in which some well-known brands are transformed, the layout e-commerce field.

As an example of Antarctic, the company has cut off the heavy asset links of production and sales, transforming "Antarctic e-commerce" to authorize profitability.

Search for "Antarctic" on the e-commerce platform, the goods in the authorized store do not only have the clothing of the Antarctic people, but also have bedding, and even warm stickers, water cups, washing machines, water heaters, foot bath buckets and other daily necessities, and a wide variety. Well-known brands authorized product quality surveillance When trademark ownership is no longer actually controlling production and sales process, how is the quality of "OEM" products? Can consumers can consume their reasonable trust in the brand? The "Report" pointed out that in China, in China, it is authorized to be alert and illustrated, and the toy warning and explanation of the lack or incorrect problem. The quality of the baby carrier is still protruded, children’s shoes, children’s clothing, etc. also due to heavy metal content. The reason for the reason why the durability label sew position is unqualified. On the e-commerce platform, authorized shops often take the "XX franchise store" "XX store" name, in the details page, "official authentic" label, emphasize the quality.

However, the "guarantee quality" claimed to be claimed to be on the black cat complaint platform, some consumer complaints, gaining the goods sold by the brand authorized by the brand, but the quality is poor, or the brand The direct store has a gap or a decline in the original old brand brand quality. Previously, according to the media reports, only one year of 2018, Antarctic brand products were listed 14 times of regulatory authorities and local consumer associations in the unqualified product list.

Last year, the pull-back slippers produced by the brand authorization model were also pointed out by the Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council. In addition to the Antarctic people, there are also Langsha, Flower Bonus, etc., and these well-known brands are unqualified in the sample inspection of the market regulatory authorities.

  Consumer trust should not live up to consumers to buy a brand-name product? How do companies get brand authorization? In this regard, the reporter found an intermediary company authorized by the North Polaroe, Woodpecker and other brands, and consulted the company authorized consultant Xiao Zhu. Xiao Zhu said that the demand side provides legal basic identity information and company business license. The intermediary company has developed a brand authorization contract, and sign the contractual needs party payment, the brand will issue authorized materials, authorize after seeing the contract and receivables. That is to handle. In terms of fees, Xiao Zhu introduced that different brands is not equal, the general license fee is a few thousand yuan, tag thousands of sets, single price is yuan, 3 yuan, 5 yuan equivalent.

  In brand authorization mode, the actual controller of product quality moves from the brand to the authorized party.

Authorization posted the tag of this brand, whether the brand is required for the authorized subject? Will it control the quality of the "OEM" product? Xiao Zhu said that as long as there is a business license company, business categories and brand, you can get authorization after payment of licensing.

Moreover, the brand will neither "inspection" in advance, see production qualifications in the ground, and will not sort inspection, supervise product quality.

  Beijing Xingzhu Law Firm Partner, Lawyer Hao Xudong believes that "OPT" model is very common in the market, although it is not illegal, but has led to some market chaos, it must pay attention.

For the brand, the fund strength, technical level, business philosophy, operation team of the authorized party should be comprehensively investigated. In the licensing contract, the product type, quality standard, and sampling mechanism should be clearly agreed.

At the same time, it should also be strengthened, from the source of prevention and control of product quality problems, and maintain brand image.

  "Consumers are based on the recognition of the brand, and will choose to purchase the goods. If product quality problems lead to damage to consumers, and the brand is on the authorized qualification appraisal, the quality supervision, etc. There is also a corresponding responsibility.

Hao Xudong said.

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