Attacking the ship drone Iranian manufactured? Iran rejuvenates Western accused

  The Iranian Director of the United Nations delegation denying the seven-Kingdoms Group’s so-called Iran’s statement to attack a tanker in the Gulf area, while accusing the Israeli tried to take pool of public opinion.

  "Murray Street" tanker is managed by Israel, on July 29th, at the sea near Oman, a British crew and a Romanian crew die.

  On the 6th, the US Central Command said that US experts collected and analyzed the "substantive evidence" of this tanker, and identified the attack by the Iranian drone of the explosive. Britain’s permanent representative Barbara Woodward told Media reporters, attacking by Shahd-136 drones, only Iran manufacturing this model. The Legislative Foreign Minister of the Seventh Group issued a statement, claiming that "evidence fell" Iran attacked this tanker. The Iranian Representative Office of the United Nations Office of Temples said, the Iranian government "absolutely denied" the above statement. She said that Israel claimed that Iran attacked more than 10 merchants in two years, threatening maritime security and interfere with the freedom of navigation, and is in the disc site Iran. On the 5th, the Israeli Defense Minister claims that it will say to Iran’s dynamics and Ershadi: "Iran will not hesitate to defend, defend national interests." Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Saishe Hamphi Bad said, Bay The so-called hijacking events "very suspicious" in the near future, Iran has nothing to do with these incidents, willing to provide help and rescue to this region. (Bao Xuelin) [Xinhua News Agency Microfite] (Editor: Cui Implement Ge, Liu Ye Ting) Share more people to see.

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