China Mobile Back A: December 22, the purchase is expected to receive more than 844.8 billion yuan in 2021

  At the same time, China Mobile is expected to be 2021 years based on the operation after the reporting period and the reporting period.

The company expects operating income to 100 million yuan in 2021, a year-on-year growth rate of approximately 10% to 11%; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the mother’s shareholders is about 100 million yuan, the same growth rate is about 6% to 8. %; Net profit belonging to the shareholders of the mother company after deducting non-regular profit or loss is about 100 million yuan, the same growth rate is about 5% to 7%.

  The present invention shows that China Mobile products are for individuals, family, political and enterprises, and emerging markets. The company continues to build basic network capabilities, forming communication services including mobile communications, wired broadband, and IDC, cloud computing, Internet of Things, digital applications and content. Wait a series of information services.

  In addition, the prospectus discloses related risks in 5G business models.

China Mobile said that in June 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses. As of the end of June 202, the company has accumulated 500,000 5G base stations, providing 5G services in the city, some counties and key areas. The current 5G application is in the early days of development, the development of related industrial chain, technology research and development, etc., the future development is still facing technological updates, cost optimization, model floor and market promotion, etc., and 5G needs to be in standard with various industries The depth fusion of the development, equipment development, product application, etc., has a certain uncertainty.

The aforementioned factors may adversely affect the company’s 5G development benefits, future competitiveness and business performance. (China New Jingwei APP) (Editor: Fu Jianqing) All rights copyright in China, without written authorization, any unit and individual must not reprint, and extracted in other ways.

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