Create "poetry habitat" Yangcheng first batch of 24 student books hanging new cards

Listing ceremony site.

The Yangcheng County Committee Propaganda Department is for map through the preliminary organization, Yangcheng County urban and rural study, book building has set off a climax, organs, units, enterprises, schools, and rural areas, have created books in their own office area, books The angle, reading and creates convenience conditions for the masses.

Changcheng County Committee Standing Committee, General Propaganda Minister Chang Xuan Sheng said that through building a series of high-quality, intelligent city reading station, building "poetry habitat" in the door of the citizen’s house, bringing reading truthfully to the public, and then The subtlety is cultivated to cultivate good reading habits. This is the foundation and hard core of Xiangyang City, which is also an important force.

In recent years, Yangcheng County has been striving to build a national county-level book incense city, and the "Xiangyang City" construction continues to advance.

Since this year, Yangcheng has focused on the masses to read "the last kilometer", create a rich reading atmosphere, established a planning construction 3 collars, new and enhanced 10 urban study, create 100 books, and the specific goals of reading angle.

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