Baoding High-tech Zone to build a new institutional mechanism to stimulate reform

People’s Network Baoding On November 6th Recently, graduated from North China Electric Power University Cadoching Xioshan’s successful competition, on-site score and vote, and successfully compete for the deputy director of the High-tech Reform and Development Bureau.

It is understood that, like a lock, there is 205 people in the high-tech government institutions in the high-tech district. "The reform of all employees has given me a bigger development platform. In the new position, I have to play a professional specialty, and I have been put into work in my work." Lock Xiushan said. Breaking the identity level to restrict the situation, people do their best, do their best to use the passion of all cadres and universities, and lay a solid cadres found for the construction and upgraded version "China Valley", which is the original intention of the reform of the high-tech zone. According to Zhang Jianjun, deputy researcher, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, deputy, deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, in recent years, the area has been subject to the limitations of cadres management system and talent flow mechanism, and the existing preparations and personnel of the management committee are equipped. It has not been able to meet the needs of high quality development, and we will wait to optimize the structure of cadres.

To this end, the High-tech Zone Party Working Committee, the management committee, the management committee, and the institutions and institutions are included in the scope of the reform of this employment system, the party and the management committee, the management committee, and the parties are broken, and all the employees are hired. According to the position of the position, the position of the job, the competition, the public recruitment principle, adopt a bidder, two-way selection, open and directional recruitment, etc., and realize the cadre personnel management to the post management to post management. "The institutional mechanism and performance compensation reform, according to ‘highlight development, people do their best, to broaden the cadres to choose channels, break the identity, qualified restrictions, and fully promote the position of the position, doing people, people do their best It is used.

"Zhang Jianjun said. It is reported that since October 13th, the district has deepened the reform of the employment system. By the 31st, it is completed. By adopting a public competition, on-site score and bill, after three rounds of open, competition, competition, all 205 people in the district institutions completed the hunt, 27 cadres, including 5 departments, 22 supervisors at all levels. Establish dynamic compensation management and excite all members of the personnel, dynamic management, extensive incentives The precision assessment is the focus of this reform. We strive to focus more outstanding, the ideas are clearer, and the incentives are more accurate.

Zhang Jianjun introduced the road.

In the performance salary reform, the high-tech zone has been resolved to performance salary, and the original routine performance composition management model is changed. On the basis of basic remarkation, it has increased incentive performance and establishing an enterprise salary and assessment.

Project construction, investment promotion is the core work of high-quality development in high-tech zones, according to focusing on economic development, investment and project construction, scientific and technological innovation three major responsibilities, and reasonable reforms identify the total performance of total performance and set performance. The total performance consists of basic performance and incentive performance (including major work performance, investment performance and project construction performance), and the basic performance is 25%, and the incentive performance is 75%. In the investment, project construction and major work to settle the accumulation package, more focused on the main business, reflecting the excellent labor, avoiding insufficient incentives, flowing in the form of a disadvantage. At the same time, the dynamic compensation management mechanism is established, and the advantages and disadvantage of the work performance and the total amount of performance are hooked. The original invariant to variable transition, by fixed to flexible transformation, ensuring the determination of the total performance, fair.

And improve the performance assessment method, adhere to the examination, the principle of instructive, highlight the simple and operability of heroes and strengthen the assessment. "In the performance salary reform, the performance salary has been reorganized, and the dynamic compensation management mechanism has established a dynamic compensation management mechanism, and the advantages and disadvantages of the work performance and the total amount of performance are increased and or decrease. It is converted from the original invariant to variable, flexible by fixed direction. Transition. This change is that everyone is both the driving force of officer entrepreneurship and pressure. "Yang Yu, director of the High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau.

It is reported that the high-tech zone has expanded the scope of high quality development in high-tech district, and has expanded the scope of excitation performance, the management committee authority and the enterprises and institutions, and the provinces, and the parcel units can participate, maximize internal lifting. (Zhang Jihang, Zhang Hui, Zhou Yumei) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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