China Rule of Law International Forum (2021) Beijing Declaration

  On November 12, China Rule of Law International Forum (2021) was held in Beijing.People from 20 national and international organizations attended the forum, surrounding the theme of "The ‘International Economic and Trade Rules Innovation and Perfection".

Chinese NPC Vice Chairman, China Law Society president Wang Chen attended the forum and delivered a speech entitled "to promote active international cooperation to build the rule of law ‘along the way’ high-quality development," the keynote speech.

  2. At present, the world No big changes for centuries and the new crown pneumonia outbreak a global pandemic affecting intertwined. The ardent hope more people of all countries to peaceful development, calls for fairness and justice is more intense, the pursuit of win-win cooperation more firmly. All parties should cooperate to fight the epidemic, and meet challenges together to jointly safeguard the international system with the UN at the core, based on international law in the international order, to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as the basis of the basic norms governing international relations, promote world peace and stability and promoting world economic recovery and growth, to create a better future.

  3. Change "along the way" initiative, aimed at spiritual heritage of the Silk Road, and work to create an open platform for cooperation, provide new impetus to cooperation and development countries. 8 years, more than 141 countries and 30 international organizations signed Change "along the way" cooperation documents with the Chinese side, "along the way" More and more partners.

Parties to actively promote policy communication facilities Unicom, the smooth flow of trade, financing, communication with the people, launched a large number of practical cooperation for the benefit of the people of the project and build a comprehensive, complex interoperability partnership, creating new prospects for common development . Promote high-quality build "along the way", need fair and reasonable, open and transparent, innovative sound international economic and trade rules. All parties should adhere to unity and cooperation, interoperability and common development of the road, promoting strategic planning, the docking mechanism, strengthen the policies, rules, standards Unicom, and actively promote the development and improvement of legal system, to better benefit the peoples.

  4. To support the parties to resolutely safeguard the core of the WTO multilateral trading system, a common practice genuine multilateralism against unilateralism and protectionism against the abuse of "national security" grounds for limiting investment and trade, promote the building open the world economy, to guide economic globalization towards a more open, inclusive, Pratt & Whitney, balanced and win-win direction. WTO support necessary reforms, to support the multilateral trading system and inclusive development, support for the legitimate rights and interests of developing members, and enhance the multilateral trading system authority, effectiveness, and promote the WTO dispute settlement mechanism to restore normal operation as quickly as possible.

  5. Support the parties to promote the construction of a fair, reasonable and transparent system of international economic and trade rules, maintain fair competition, improve the representation and voice of developing countries in international affairs and promote equal rights, equal opportunity, equal rules.

Not to engage in discriminatory, exclusionary standards, rules, systems and avoid fragmentation walls and barriers to trade, investment, technology, reduction of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, the smooth flow of trade and investment channels of cooperation, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, maintaining global industrial chain, supply chain security and stability, create a free, open, fair, non-discriminatory, transparent and predictable trade and investment environment. Promote high standards of signing more free trade agreements, build open and transparent, mutually beneficial and win-win regional free trade arrangements. Strengthen the system of rules services. Strengthen intellectual property protection.

  6. To support the parties to promote the interoperability of digital cooperation, promote the establishment of international rules of the digital economy reflect the wishes of all parties, to respect the interests of all parties, shared responsibility in the digital age, digital stimulate economic vitality, enhance the effectiveness of government digital, digital to optimize the social environment, build a digital pattern of cooperation, build a strong digital security barrier, make digital civilization for the benefit of all peoples.

"Global Data Security Initiative," "hand in hand to build the cyberspace community of destiny initiatives" as the basis, to strengthen the digital economy, international cooperation, speed up new facilities digital basis, and promote digital technology integration with the real economy depth, bridging the digital divide and to promote digital economic innovation developing. Strengthen cross-border cooperation in the international electricity supplier, electricity providers actively develop the Silk Road, the development of e-commerce share dividend.

  7. To support the parties to deepen cooperation in the field of justice, law enforcement, promote the conclusion of bilateral treaties on extradition and mutual legal assistance treaty in time for the service of judicial documents, investigation and evidence collection, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in civil and commercial courts and foreign arbitral awards and other international judicial assistance request. Against unilateral sanctions and the "long arm jurisdiction", the parties to respect the judicial sovereignty.

Promote the improvement of litigation and mediation, arbitration and effective convergence of diversified dispute settlement mechanism, fair, efficient and facilitate the resolution of international commercial disputes. Improving international commercial arbitration and mediation system, we encourage the parties to arbitration institutions to establish a joint arbitration mechanisms to support "international commercial dispute prevention and resolution organization" play an active role.

Give full play to the role of lawyers, notaries and other legal services organizations and professionals to provide quality and efficient legal services for international trade and investment. Establish a sound Change "along the way" party legal mechanisms to identify and work together to build a building "along the way" party databases and case law library. Innovative online dispute resolution, to promote the diversification of dispute resolution information, intelligence development mechanism.

  8. Since 2018, through continuous exploration and development, China has become the rule of law in international forums to strengthen the rule of law dialogue and cooperation platform for the rule of law, enhance mutual trust and bridge the rule of law and the rule of consensus. Called on the parties to continue to support and build high-quality "all the way along the" main line, strengthen exchanges, increase consensus, carry out multi-level, multi-channel, all-round cooperation of the rule of law, promote and build "along the way" for the application of the rule of law way, more effectively respond to global challenges contribute their wisdom and strength. We believe that under the joint efforts of all parties, to follow the purposes and principles "of the UN Charter" and international law, to jointly uphold the principle of sharing, adhere to an open, green, clean and philosophy, commitment to high standards, benefit people’s livelihood, sustainability goals, "along the way" rule of law cooperation will continue to go to go real deep, make new and greater contributions to improving global governance rules to promote global governance system more fair and rational direction, build human community destiny. (Beijing, November 12 electricity).

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