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  Xinhua News Agency, June 17th: Qinggang fungus species "Small Force" Xinhua News Agency The secretary of the party branch of the Goucun is busy with several villagers. Zhidou Village is located in Shili Township, Shaoyang County, Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

Correcting more than 6 acres of land in labor, densely labeled 35,000 Qinggang wooden bats with "human" cracks, and the fungus grows on these wooden sticks. Soner told reporters that the Eastern Electric Group sent the resident cadres in the village to use the local Tibetan people as a carrier of planting fungus, establish a demonstration base, driving the villagers in the home of the house, the air land and discomfort Cultivate Qingkaumu on the wasteland of crops.

  "Qinggang fungus planting project is our first industrial poverty alleviation project, which is the first industrial poverty alleviation project of Daishou Village. It is also the first project of the village of the village." Hou Ji, who is in the village of the Eastern Electric Group, said this The project is completely self-built by the villagers. After cutting firewood, drying the wooden stick, punching, implanting strains, natural fermentation, taking the "human" crack, the shelf tube, etc., in the next five years, only water on the Qingkang wooden stick It can grow fungus.

  The village has let a villager open the water valve, and only the silk flow flows from the small hole of the plastic tube wall above the green wooden frame. More talk more, after a week, the fungus can pick it, and from May to October, it is the best admission period. "Under the sun, you have to spray two hours of water every day, the cloudy day is 1 hour, it will not be sprayed." Hou Ji was more than the 26-year-old villager more thanked Xiera.

He told reporters: "The spring water is good, and the wood ear is joined is the mountain spring water.

"In the past, the Poverty Alleviation cadres in the village of Shigou Village have handed over the people to use the local Qinggangwood resources, and cultivated the economic value of high economic value, reversing the low income of the village and does not grow economic crops. Solantang The traditional crops are mainly green and potato. Before the "poverty-stricken cap" in February this year, the Solant Tang is a national-level deep poor county. "A stick of fungus produced in 5 years can incorporate 25 yuan, can put an acres 5000 rods, income is still considerable. "Hou Gei said that last year’s fungus sold 10,000 yuan, in addition to requiring local workers to spend 20,000 yuan, the rest is almost pure profit. According to the role of fungus, this year’s production will increase by 50% from the first year.

Qinggang fungus demonstration base is expected to bring nearly 900,000 yuan in the village of more than 300 people.

  With the help of poverty alleviation cadres, the village established a collaborative collaboration in the Snow Mountain in Dashigou, and cultivated the local three "90" returning college students as managers.

Let Xiela are one of the returning college students. Under the poverty alleviation cadre, he ran 3000 stick Qingkaumi fungus, became the first fungus planting individual demonstration household in the village.

  The 30% of the Tuangou Snow Mountain Planting Breeding Professional Cooperative will be fixed to the profit as the industrial development reserve, and the remaining money is given to the villagers.

In 2019, the building of the village has a poverty in the poor to 340 yuan, and non-poor households are from 140 yuan.

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