Chinese Consulate General in Osaka held 72 anniversary of the founding of new China online conference

Online conference on September 29, the Consul General in Osaka Xue Jian entitled "front-line temper, Fen Ji waves to create future generations Albert" speech.

Chinese Consulate General in Osaka courtesy People Tokyo September 30 electric (Wu Ying) Chinese Consulate General in Osaka held 72 anniversary of the founding of new China online conference on the 29th, including in the Kansai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Hill this article too all walks of life Deputy Speaker Tokushima Prefectural Assembly Motoki chapter of Health, president of the Osaka Prefecture Japan-China friendship Association Kajiwara this DS Yan, Osaka University, the total length of the West End Chapter Shinjiro, Japan External Trade organization (JETRO) Osaka Minister simply Hiroyuki and other consular district, in the Kansai States Consul General , friendship groups, the Japanese media, overseas Chinese, Chinese-funded institutions and student representatives, including more than 300 people attended online.

Chinese Consul General in Osaka Xue sword Online published a report entitled "front-line temper, Fen Ji waves to create future generations Albert" speech.

Xue Jian recalled the Communist Party of China a hundred years, the founding of New China seventy-two load brilliant achievements, noting that 72 years is the Chinese people and the Chinese nation self-reliant, who had become in 72 years, is to emancipate the mind, forge ahead 72 , and also of peaceful development and win-win cooperation of 72 years. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese ushered from stand up, get rich and strong up to the great leap forward to achieve a historic breakthrough from relatively backward productive forces to economic output ranked second in the world to achieve the people’s lives from the lack of food and clothing to the overall well-off a historic leap toward a comprehensive well-off.

We pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to the road of peaceful development and promote the building of new international relations and the fate of the human community, to the development of China’s new offer new opportunities for the world.

Xue Jian said that at present, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process is fully completed high-spirited toward its second century of the goal of socialist modern power forward, we will continue to work with governments and a peace-loving people, stick to jointly build, share and oppose hegemony, overbearing, bullying, always insist on doing for world peace builders, contributors to global development, defenders of the international order. Xuejian Jiang stressed that China and Japan are important neighbors, the world’s second, the three major economies, mutual respect, mutual trust, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development and work together for peace and development in the region and the world to contribute both sides shared responsibility and interests.

Sino-Japanese relations are facing a complicated situation, we should look carefully at the crux of troubled relations between the two countries to jointly explore the development of a steady improvement in the road.

Sincerely hope that Japan will focus on long-term big picture, to open-minded, open-minded objective and rational view of China’s development, adhere to the principles of the four political documents and the spirit, with China to earnestly implement the important consensus reached by leaders of both countries to promote bilateral ties always forward in the right direction.

China bright prospects, the economy steady for the better, give full play to the Japanese side welcomed the unique advantages of proximity and easier, and landed on China’s development, "ride", promoting exchanges with China in western Japan "to promote the government by" and "people pro-government, "the fine tradition, with China to further strengthen exchanges, expand pragmatic cooperation and boosting the Sino-Japanese exchanges and cooperation in upgrading place upgrade.

Xue Jian said that next year will mark the 50th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations, which is both a milestone, but also a new starting point.

The consular district of the Consulate General public is willing to work together to relive the beginning of the normalization of diplomatic relations heart, recalling the experience of half a century of enlightenment summary, for the next 50 years, healthy and stable development of Sino-Japanese relations and build a strong foundation. Kansai Japanese Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Hill served under this section too, leaving the country Yoshimura Governor of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Mayor Matsui and Ichiro Kajiwara Osaka Prefecture Japan-China Friendship Association Bend Yan in his speech on the 72 anniversary of the founding of New China to extend my warm congratulations and positive comments marvel at the great achievements China has made since 72 years, recalled the exchanges and cooperation between the Japan-China Friendship Cities achievements expressed willingness to seize the next year the 50th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic ties this important opportunity to further promote exchanges and cooperation in various areas of mutual culture, economy, tourism, etc. to promote Japan-China friendship to improve the development process and to enhance Japan-China friendship thickness and temperature, join hands with China to overcome the epidemic and other global challenges and build a better future.

It is reported that the Japanese House of Representatives Isa into a Japanese Senate Danchuan Bo Chong, Kyoto Prefecture Governor Nishiwaki Takatoshi, Nara Prefecture Arai Shogo, Shiga governor Taizō Mikazuki, Wakayama Prefecture Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka, Tottori Prefecture Governor Shinji Hirai, Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa, chairman of the Japan-China economic and trade Center handsome Osawa, president of the Kansai economic Federation Masayoshi Matsumoto, Osaka Tourism Bureau director ditch Hata macro and other representatives from various consular district also sent video congratulations to the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka, The message greetings.

Xinjiang Uygur compatriots gaugamela membership on behalf of overseas Chinese consular district when online speech said that every year back home can personally experience rapid development and changes in Xinjiang, folks rising living standards.

Thank the motherland so that everyone’s life is getting better, thanks to the Consulate General of overseas Chinese who care concern.

She will strive to become the future of Sino-Japanese friendship bridge, to encourage more Japanese people know the real Xinjiang, the real China.

Online reception of the day not only play a "hand in hand, for the people", "China 2021" "Beautiful China" and other achievements reflect the construction of the motherland and the people a happy life video clips, also played Chinese folk dance and the Consulate General Museum Collection members and children’s children singing "today is your birthday" video. Sino-Japanese participants have online message to congratulate the 72 anniversary of the founding of New China, praised China for the progress and development of various undertakings in point.

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