486.15 billion yuan! 10 months old, Hubei Foreign Trade, Hubei, the same history

Original title: 100 million yuan! 11 months of Hubei Foreign Trade, Hubei Foreign Trade, Hubei Province, the new high hub, Daily News (Reporter Zhang Aihu, correspondent Wu Lei) learned from Wuhan Customs on December 10 that the total value of billion yuan in Hubei Province in the first 11 months of this year, year-on-year (below) Increasing 26%, grew up in 2019, creating a new high in the same period.

Among them: export billion yuan, imported 173 billion yuan.

Hubei import and export, export growth rate is four in the same period, and there are 4 percentage points.

In the month of November, Hubei imports and export billions of dollars, followed by 50 billion yuan after September this year, creating a new high-month history.

  In the first 11 months, Hubei imports from ordinary trade in the general trade, accounting for% from the total value of Hubei.

Import and export billion yuan in processing trade, and imports from billions of bonded logistics.

  The import and export of private enterprises is 290.2 billion yuan, accounting for% in the province’s total import and export value, continues to maintain the main status of the first foreign trade operations in the province.

  Hubei to the top four major trading partners ASEAN, the United States, the EU and Japan, with an import and export of 66.2 billion yuan, billion yuan, billion yuan, growth%,%,%, and% respectively, accounting for total import and export value of the province. become. For RCEP trading partners, "a belt all the way", the country is imported from billion yuan, billion. Wuhan import and export billion yuan, accounting for% of the total value of the province.

Shiyan, Yichang, Huanggang Foreign Trade Expertise, the import and export increased by%,%, and% respectively.

  From the export product, exporter electricity products are billions, growth%, accounting for% of total exports in the same period.

Among them, the export of tablets, ships and household appliances is good.

  From imported products, imported high-tech products account for% in the same period.

Among them, electronic technology, material technology products are imported rapidly. Import metal ore sands and imported consumer products have also grown significantly. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Rongfangming) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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