Banan Huaxi Street: Drawing the model power, practice the initial mission

A recognition of the event site.

Huaxi Street is awarded by Jiangxi Street June 25, on June 25th, Baan District Huaxi Street held a 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China and "Two Youyi First" commendation activities in the street Grand Auditorium.

A recognition of advanced individual representatives and collectives, "Glorious in the 50th Year" commemorative seizure session, the party organization secretary, deputy secretary, jurisdiction, non-public enterprise and social organization Party Organization, the party members of the street all organs, etc. More than 200 people participated in the General Assembly.

  The General Assembly kicked off in the solemn national song.

Subsequently, the street party Working Committee has achieved excellent results in the work of the whole street grassroots party building, urban management, shed demolition, and safety construction, and 20 outstanding party workers, 20 outstanding party workers and 12 advanced The grassroots party organization issued a honorary certificate and issued a commemorative chapter to 22 "glorious in the 50th year".

Next, under the leadership of Jiang Yan, the Secretary of the Street Party Working Committee, all party members raised their right-handed party flags, raised their right hand and solemnly swear.

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