China Unicom, the aid to Ceheng County, Guizhou documentary "glutinous rice banana" roll out rural revitalization of the road to get rich

  2021 Ouyang River County, Guizhou Province in Ceheng attachment sixth year.

Although a native of Guizhou, Sichuan Ouyang five years ago but was sent to China Unicom attachment Ceheng County deputy magistrate, he had never heard of Guizhou have such counties. 5 years, under China Unicom, as well as their counterparts in Sichuan Ouyang effort to help aid cadres, Ceheng County not only one year ahead of the hat out of poverty, but also embarked on the development of "banana rice" industry characteristics of the road, Ouyang Chuan thus harvested locals call him "banana magistrate" of.

  According to China Unicom responsible person, Ceheng "banana rice" industry driven masses of more than 9000, annual output value of 400 million yuan, and successfully applied for a "Ceheng rice banana" State registration of geographical indications of agricultural protection. "Chinese rice banana town" brand development, become a strong local support to further implement rural revitalization.

  It is understood that, "Thirteen Five" period, China Unicom Ceheng County relief fund has invested billion. Since 2021, China Unicom issued orders continue to do aid work, help Ceheng County to consolidate the achievements in tackling poverty effective connection with rural revitalization.

October 2021, China Unicom Guizhou Provincial People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, China Unicom Guizhou Province Branch, Southwest Guizhou Province Branch were also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Southwest Guizhou Province, Ceheng County People’s Government, will be fully promoting local digital construction, help rural revitalization.

  Find countermeasures August 2015, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office and other nine ministries jointly issued a document to deploy a new round of the aid to work, determined by China Unicom twinning Ceheng County, Guizhou.

In May 2016, he was sent to Sichuan Ouyang Ceheng County Deputy Magistrate attachment China Unicom. That year, Ceheng County has 23 million people, more than 40,000 poor people, and Ceheng County has a population of Buyi Qi Cheng, Sichuan Ouyang did not understand the local language, sometimes I do not know where to start turning around poverty. Visited the site two or three months, Ouyang Chuan gradually taking shape. Ceheng County warm and humid climate, long hours of sunshine, big temperature difference between day and night.

Many local people planted a kind of "Kung banana", head small, less than half the size of ordinary bananas, but Ruannuo sweet taste, it is also called "banana rice", if carefully nurtured, might be able to become a local brand industry.

  However, Ceheng County farmers Although banana, but too lazy to take care of, purely dependent on the weather, resulting in banana fruit is not full, uneven size, not on the selling price, mostly only rot in the ground.

  With this observation and reflection, Ouyang River and local governments combined Ceheng County local natural resource endowments, repeated selection, to try to grow, and ultimately select natural ripening, covering a wide range of "banana rice" as the cultivated varieties. Determine the main varieties of industrial development, a package of targeted assistance initiatives intense manner.

China Unicom Guizhou Company Co., Ltd. The 13th Party Branch of China Unicom and the party branch of Luo Wangcun Village, Yutheng County, the poverty alleviation team represented by Ouyangchuan, and organized the "glutinous rice banana" plant management training, inviting agriculture. Experts, agricultural technicians home for mass technical guidance services to solve the problem of farmers, do not understand, etc.

According to statistics, they conducted more than 700 scenes of training in the local area, and trained more than 39,000 people.

  At the same time, increase the investment of poverty alleviation, help improve product processing capacity and processing level, cultivate leading enterprises, and form "government + leading enterprises + cooperative + farmers" industrial operation mode.

Just three and a half years, the volume of the "glutinous rice banana" planting area has developed from 6,000 mu to 10,000 mu, built 7 "glutinous rice banana" big data poverty alleviation industrial park greenhouse greenhouse, 2 "glutinous rice banana" nursery cultivation base. Let Ouyangchuan is quite happy that they have a longer grow cycle, better taste.

High quality inseparable from modern agricultural science and technology.

China Unicom specializes in investing in Boliomi County, two high-facing banana standardization bases, small weather stations and monitoring points to monitor wind, light, soil pH, etc., and transmit data to servers. China Unicom also played technical expertise, and built a full-industrial chain intelligence platform for Bookom County, "Origin Management" module guides how farmers will fertilize water; every box of bananas in the base have two-dimensional code, can scan the code traceable … . In the past, the bananas in the past were cultivated and packaged, they were so popular. A pen order allows the peasants in Bonxian County to believe that the banana will have a hopeful hope, and the free banana seedlings for a time began to be guilty. Some farmers will buy a seedlings. China Unicom has also played its own advantages of auto-enterprise operators who have been mixing pilot, helping local universities, open up sales. It is understood that in terms of the basic network, China Unicom has built 304 base stations in the local area, 10,000 new fiber broadband ports, realizing the administrative village, Easy Poverty Alleviation Relocation Area, Primary and Second School Unicom 4G network and fiber broadband coverage reached 100%. In terms of sales network, establish "China Unicom Love Pole", open the internal channel to build "Poverty Alleviation Mall", put more than 10 volumes of the hi-quality agricultural products, in Tmall, Jingdong, 黔 邮, the net, 咚 buy food The daily platform is sold, and more than 3,200 tons are sold annually. China Unicom also helped local online laving channels, opened 11 entities in Ningbo, Guiyang, Xingyi and other places, continued to strengthen farming colleges, agricultural, agricultural super-docking, and continuously widened product sales.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changsha, Guangzhou, Guiyang also established a relatively stable sales channel, annual sales volume of 10 million tons. In 2020, China Unicom also participated in the "live broadcast" special fire.

On May 17, 2020, the general manager of China Unicom organized 31 provincial branches into the live broadcast, and sold more than 70,000 pieces of agricultural character products in the day of the volume, and the sales of nearly 4 million yuan.

  With the opening of the sales, how to better serve national consumers, improve consumers’ purchase experiences have also become the focus of the development of the local product industry. For example, in order to sell "glutinous rice banana" to consumers all over the country, the local "glutinous rice banana" is divided into 7 "color numbers" before delivery, and the maturity is selected according to the temperature and logistics time of the receipt. Banana, sometimes you need to warm or cool down, and packaging is also extrapolated.

  In the launch of the brand, the daily manner is dealing with banana seedlings, farmers and agricultural technicians, Ouyangchuan has become the "banana county magistrate" in the local population.

In 2018, Ouyangchuan was full of time, but then the industry has just started, Ouyangchuan applied for two years, and the blink of an eye is the sixth year of him.

  With the expansion of "glutinous rice banana" planting, the industry around "glutinous rice banana" has also developed.

Seedling, planting, picking, processing, cold chain logistics, sales, promotion, etc. Fertilizer, banana mask plant producing essential oils and Japanese chemicals with banana skin extract, producing banana milk’s composite beverage factory, etc.

China Unicom also puts the help funds of 37.09 million yuan, build the book of the "glutinous rice banana" garden hangar factory and other projects, supplement the "glutinous rice banana" characteristic full-industrial chain, and improve the added value of the product.

  China Unicom helps local formulated brand construction, brand promotion and brand protection mechanism, apply for registration "Bookboy County South Panjiang Jin Jiantan" and "Bookboy County Nishi Panjiang" glutinous rice banana "and other trademark brands, gain pollution-free origin certification. In 2018, the National Agricultural Rural Department passed the "Bookwide" glutinous rice banana "national geographic logo protection product certification.

In 2020, "Bookboli" glutinous rice banana "won the China Agricultural Products Baqiang Landmark Brand. As of now," glutinous rice banana "industry has driven more than 9,000 people, achieving annual output value of 400 million yuan. Bumeng County became a well-deserved" Chinese glutinous rice banana Town of".

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