Daxing District Guanyin Temple Street: a special "interview" in the epidemic isolation period

On the morning of October 29th, the first Royal Garden, the first Royal Garden in Guanyin Temple, Daxing District received a banner sent by a resident, thanks to the staff to help him, and successfully solved the troubles of isolation and observation period.

The cause of things should be bounced from this epidemic.

After big data investigation, Mr. Yang was determined to be subjected to a second-close contact person in Changping District, and the community package staff notified him to the centralized isolation point. At first, Mr. Yang had some resistance, Liu Jingyu, deputy director of the Community Neighborhood Committee, was able to communicate with him and asked the reason.

It turned out that Mr. Yang has worked hard for half a year, and finally obtained the qualifications for the recruitment of on-site interview with excellent results, and suddenly quarantined observations let him not know what it is.

"You first feel at ease, the interview, we try our best to find a way!" Listening to Liu Jingyu, Mr. Yang is in his heart. In order to help Mr. Yang solved the problem, the community and his interview unit finally adopted a network interview method.

At the same time, the street isolation point project workers actively assist arrangement of online interviews. After all arrangements, Liu Jingyu did not forget that Mr. Yang brought a new computer and mobile phone. After listening to the interview, Mr. Yang was emotionally excited, and Xie Xie: "Thank you very much, I almost don’t have a way to participate in the interview!" At 10 o’clock in the second day, the insignifier of the isolation point was wearing protective clothing to "special interview Point "- Mr. Yang’s isolation, check the network situation, announce interview discipline, help its video connection … Assist in completing the career recording interview through the network. After the interview, Mr. Yang looked at the community staff. At the end of the isolation, he sent a banner to the community neighborhood committee. Such a warm story is still a lot in Guanyin Temple. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, residents have encountered many inconvenience, especially the home observers. Community active service, help to throw garbage, take express, buy medicine, do a good job of daily health monitoring, patience and emotions, use "family" general care to the residents to send warmth.

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