Accelerate the promotion of mobile payment convenience project construction innovation products to promote payment interconnection

  On June 25, China UnionPay joint commercial bank, mainstream mobile phone manufacturer, key partner merchants and payment institutions, released UnionPay unified checkout table and new UnionPay mobile flash payment.

  Hua Haozhong, executive vice president of China UnionPay, said that in order to practice "paying for the people" concept, actively implement the relevant requirements of the People’s Bank of China’s "Quartet Model", China UnionPay is based on the new development stage, and the industry is jointly building Promote UnionPay Unified Cashier and UnionPay Mobile Flash 2 Products, create more open, more platform-to-platform mobile payment product systems, jointly optimize the construction of online, creating an orderly, healthy mobile payment industry development environment. Unified Cashier on UnionPay is designed to aggregate the power of the whole industry, based on open platform concept, integrate commercial banks, subscriber, mobile phone manufacturers, UnionPay and other resources, unified line acceptance logo, implement the interconnection of online acceptance network Interoperability, developing a solid foundation for mobile payment market. Union online unified cash register supports domestic and foreign banks app, cloud flash payment app, UnionPay mobile flash payment, SRC, etc. To pull income upgrade; committed to providing users with security, efficient and convenient payment experience.

  The relevant person in charge introduces that the Unified Cashier, Unified Cashier, aims to fully promote the interconnection of the online acceptance network, collect the power of commercial banks, payment agencies, service providers and merchants, continuously expand the line acceptance coverage, and help bank card support Multi-live consumption scenarios; build a unified acceptance logo, user experience and standard norms, effectively reduce the training cost of the cashier, improve the cashier efficiency and cardholder payment experience; support domestic and foreign cloud flashing app, banking app and industry app will mark the user The business will be drained, two-way promotion users and merchants are active, build sustainable development, multi-party mobile payment ecology. It is understood that the new upgraded UnionPay mobile phone fills, combines the online NFC flash payment, QR code, and App internal payment, becoming a collection code, passer code, credit card repayment, marketing and equity services, etc. One new mobile payment product, truly realizes a mobile phone to resolve online, and all-time scene payments in the territory.

It is worth mentioning that when the user consumes underline, there is no need to network, no need to download, tun any app, and you can pay by double-click the power button. UnionPay mobile phone flicker will further bring together banks, mobile phone manufacturers and UnionPay rich rights, preferential and value-added services, providing cardholders with a full-scale, three-dimensional financial services.

  The Union Union Unified Cashier and the new Silver Mobile Flash pay the advantages of all parties to the aggregation industry, and give full play to the driving role of business cooperation models to help build multi-party mobile payment ecology.

In the future, the UnionPay will continue to deepen cooperation with the industry to jointly explore innovation and cooperation models, build a comprehensive solution, and improve the overall financial services level. China UnionPay said that with the continuous increase in digital finance, China UnionPay will accelerate the promotion of digital transformation, continuous construction of open, platform-based mobile payment product system, continuously optimize the acceptance scenario experience, improve the value of UnionPay network, better Playing UnionPay as an important role in the transfer liquidation institution in "Quartet Model", empowering the industry, aggregating industrial power, and jointly promoting the economic and social development of efficient service economic and social development. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).

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