92.4% Interview with youth expectation more national tide elements

At this moment, young people are more and more popular with national tide culture, and they have a shadow of national tide elements. The traditional culture such as the platform, folk music, Chinese dance, traditional drama is very popular in the platform of young people.

Do you like national trend? Recently, the China Youth News Social Survey Center has passed the questionnaire network (), which shows a survey conducted by 2012,% of the visited youth like the national trend style.

% Of the visited youth look forward to more and more national tide elements.

For national tide culture,% of the visited youth believes that the observation is equally important to innovation.

In the youth, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 00, 00, 00.

%, Visiting youth like national trend style animation design professional big new students Gekiqi, I like national trend style in life, "Because the national trend style is fully highlighting the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, adapting to the trend of the times. For example, it is very conforming to the aesthetic of the young people with the ancient characteristic iconic buildings with the current popular clothing, food and daily necessities.

In life,% of the visited youth like the national trend style, where% of the visited youth very much.

Huang Yishui, a professor of Xiamen University Journalism Communication, said that the national tide is integrated into commodities or services in the Chinese elements that you can identify, to get the appreciation of consumers. Here, there is no "Chinese element" is not "national", there is no specificity and consumption of consumers, not "tide".

Huang Jianshui said that there are several aspects due to the cause of national tide culture.

The first is the reform and opening up for decades. All aspects of my country have achieved great development. The national self-confidence is unprecedented, and the degree of trust of domestic goods and services has also increased significantly. Second, my country’s enterprises have been touched in decades, and they have become uniform and uniform, and it has achieved basic levels that can be trusted by consumers.

Third, the national tide is popular in a new generation of consumers.

And the new generation of consumers grow in China’s economic growth, and their product quality is rapidly improved. They have a higher trust in the market. Fourth, in recent years, in the United States, the United States is the ruthless pressure on China and the Chinese enterprises, forcing Chinese companies to strengthen internal sales, on the other hand, the national patriotic enthusiasm, two aspects of intensity, giving birth "国潮".

Su Junbin, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Xiamen University News and Communication, believes that the national tide is the Chinese people’s own fashion trend, the birth of the national tide is the establishment of conscious confidence in comparison with other civilization. In the survey,% of the visited youth look forward to more and more national tide elements.

% The visited youth feel that the national tide elements should be reflected in the popular art culture works, and the visiting youth believes that the creative regeneration of the old-fashioned domestic product is needed.% Of the visited youth believes should be reflected in the traditional IP. In the product,% of the visited youth look forward to the national tide elements in the main melody film. Chen Jiayi, a college in Tianjin, said that the big IP, Condu, film and television works, etc. are very good ways, so that our culture is not forgotten, and the spirit is inherited.

"Hanfu loves around me will check all kinds of information, I hope to know more than others.

Each of us is working hard for traditional culture. "I hope to see more national tide elements in film and television works, through the feelings of clothing, the feelings of the scene, let more people see and understand the tide. "He Hui family in Sichuan said that the national trend is now a new favorite of young people. Everyone has more and more interest and expectations to the country in the process of following and exploring." The old name and ‘new domestic goods "are also Actively conduct consumption upgrades, they follow the preferences and expectations of consumers, constantly enhance innovation ability, and further enhance brand value through national tide products. "

Geki felt that the national tide elements should be applied in Wenchuang and other products, such as handwritten notebooks, school bags, student cups, neutral pen, etc., because most of these items are students, these national tide products can improve their tradition Cultural interest. % Inspecting youth feels that the national tide culture has enhanced national cultural self-confidence Huangzi Water to say that national tide culture is popular, mainly to learn more about my country’s excellent traditional culture, so that youth is proud and proud of the ancestor’s intelligence , Excited to create desires in Blue Slim in Blue, improve the cohesiveness and self-confidence of the people. Of course, pay attention to not carrying some mess as excellent culture. In the survey,% of the visited youth felt that the popularity of national tide culture has enhanced everyone’s self-confidence in national culture.% Of the young people believe that the influence of traditional cultural art, and% of the youth believes that it can enhance history. Identity,% of the visited youth believes that the spread of traditional culture,% of the visited youth believes will bring a unique trend of trend.

"In the past, we were chasing the world. Now, we will put your eyes back to your own, and we will be surprised to find that we have such powerful production capacity and creativity.

"Su Junbin said that our own culture can make the Chinese confidence, this is very positive, the impact on the young generation is also very positive." Many things have more, it is better to experience it. The rise of national tide culture makes me more proud, but also makes me more happy to learn some things. Chen Jiayi said.

"More and more people are influenced by the national tide, thinking, reflecting new thinking sparks." Gekai said that the national tide culture attracted more people in the world to understand the traditional culture of my country, and more Learn about China today. Gekai said that the national tide is the product of innovation, innovation is the driving force of cultural development, and innovative traditional culture can be synchronized with the people’s demand for a better life.

For the national tide culture,% of the visited youth feels right,% of the visited youth believes that innovation is important, and% of the visited youth feels equally.

"The national tide enters the public’s vision, and there are many controversies, so it is important.

Guohe can let us understand the most essential connotation of the national tide, and so on really understand. "Wang Jiayi hopes that the development of national tide culture can slow down, stabilize.

"The material and spiritual cultural traditions we have inherited have entered the live scene of contemporary people. Many of them have been adapted to the innovation of contemporary life scenes." Su Junbin believes that the observation and innovation is dependent, there is no innovation for contemporary scenes, tradition will Lost vitality and obeys will not talk. Conversely, it is separated from the overall foundation for cultural traditions. Innovation will become a watery of the wood, and the pursuit of nice is unable to be accepted by the people. Huang Yishui said that excellent culture is a crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors for thousands of years, and it must be inherited and promoted.

The excellent culture mentioned here is more than just some symbols, utensils, techniques, including various value concepts, such as excellence, hardworking, blogging, savings, self-discipline, integrity, listening, and clear, honest and innocent, friendly, respectful young, innovation Wait.

"Excellent cultural essence is usually referred to as the deep value concept.

But these abstract value concepts need to be seen, touched, or artworks to host or interpret.

"Huang Yingshui said that the contemporary youth must inherit good traditional culture, on the one hand, you can use the leisure time, more contact, learn, experience the charm of traditional culture. On the other hand, you must have a high value of the country and society. Value Concept, and strive to practice. Because these value concepts themselves are the core connotation of traditional culture. (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Wang Pinzhi intern Wang Jiurong) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing Let more people see .

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