2021 National Special Policy Training Course held in Xinjiang

The meeting emphasizes that the staff at all levels should have based on the overall situation, strengthen legal awareness, strengthen the bottom line thinking, and insist on keeping the innovation, and continuously promote the effectiveness of various specialized policies and continuously improve the level of accurate standardization services. It is necessary to accurately grasp the development requirements made by the military caress work as a program that guides the current and in the future. Give full play to the double-border-beneficial real thing, the people’s people see the effect, and the place should be safe to lift the officers and men’s worries, and the troops are solid to work hard. To increase supervision, mobilize social strength, extensive publicity and education, and maintain high quality of the two-legged work.

It is necessary to settle in the overall situation, adhere to fairness, precise and professionalism, integrity, and constantly promote the effectiveness of various specialized policies, continue to improve the level of accurate standardization services, and promote high quality development of special care.

Participants are consistently said that this training is comprehensive, form, opens up the eye, opens ideas. In the future, we must link the students’ thinking and work in training, combined with its own position, truly learn to use, effectively improve the work ability and service level. Li Wenfu, deputy secretary, director of Xinjiang Relief Military Affairs, delivered speeches, 28 provinces and districts and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Detailed Military Affairs Office (bureau) and Subject to Subregional Registration Military Affairs Bureau of Territories Training. (Xinjiang retired soldiers) (Editor: Yang Rui, Ma Liang).

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