Do not forget the initial heart, the mission is aggregated, the development – National Net Zhuzhou County Power Supply Company "I don’t forget the initial heart to remember the mission" theme education

"How to settle the center of gravity, do a good job in safety production, quality service, etc." How to strengthen the party’s construction, improve the style of style … Zezhou County Power Supply Company leadership with these issues, sinking to the grassroots first line, walking into the grassrootsPower supply, team and enterprises, exchange discussions with cadres employees, understand the grassroots truth, listen to the employee voice, listen to customer opinions, seriously find the weak links and gaps in the work of corporate governance, work style construction, and find problems to solve "good".

They organized the majority of party members and cadres, and the members of the team entered the Spring History of Jincheng "Red Sanjie", reviewed the early professional revolutionary people in Shanxi, the first Communist Party member of Jincheng, Jincheng’s first party group founder Chen Lizhi and Jincheng The first Communist Party members of the local development of Kong Xiangshen have a lifetime, and visit the early Party Shu Shi Hall in Jincheng, and feel the initiative and mission from the red story of the revolutionary ancestors. All party members have a revision of the party’s flag, and Wang Jiangyan, secretary of the party’s total support, is also the theme party class entitled "New Era". Up to now, the company has organized the 5-day central group centralized research, 5 General Budget Committee and 3 All Party Members, and all parties have successively launched 5 times, and party members have reached 674 people, and the coverage rate is 100%. . Yao Xiaoming, Yao Xiaoming, said: "The spirit of the revolutionary ancestors and the red feelings are a valuable spiritual wealth. We must learn well, inherit, and remember the history of Guanghui, inherit the red gene, the high-quality development of the new era. Make your own contribution. "In addition, the company also posed the depth of the theme education with the temperature of Hikou Town, highlighting the theme education with accurate poverty alleviation. More than 80 party members, members of the group "New World" flash "MV", and broadcasting in the "learning power" platform, the new development of new developments sing a unremitting struggle.

"On the red educational class, visit the poor to the poor, sing a love party to love the national anthem" highlight Zhuzhou characteristics.

Zezhou County Power Supply Company Innovation and Construction "Four Platform", with a point to cover all party members. In the construction of political leaders, they actively selected the party branch secretary to participate in the province’s special training, adhere to the "contact theme education, contact the current work"; in the construction of the role platform, adhere to positive energy orientation, through the trendy typical , The method of propaganda deeds, motivate party members to play a good advantage and role; in the construction of precision service platform, actively serve the county domain construction, focus on precise poverty alleviation, create a civilized city, indifferent to the violation of the people’s interests, etc., always carefully organize, Careful deployment; in the construction of information management platform, use the integration of the media to conduct learning education. Use the "Learning Strong Country" "National Network Party Construction" APP and other platforms, relying on the party branch, the party branch WeChat group, push "Daily School" online learning content, and master the latest spirit of theme education in time. The innovative application of "four platforms" has greatly improved the enthusiasm of party members for the people, and the matter is really cut as their own business. On October 8th, a thankboarding plaque "I didn’t forget the people’s electricity industry for the people; remember the mission, seeing the true feelings" was sent to the National Network Jincheng Power Supply Company.

It turned out that Shanxi Huanghui Casting Co., Ltd. jointly canceled the holiday for the company, opening up the green channel to restore power within a day, ensuring sincere gratitude to the high-day compilation of horsepower completion. As a "main force", "main", China Network Zezhou County Power Supply Company received the electricity demand from the casting company, the first time organized staff to enter the enterprise to verify the power. At the same time, it is actively docked with the marketing department, business and electricity toll room, avoiding more than 2.5 million economic losses and 1600 workers lost.

This is also a micro-shadow that Zezhou Company has been praised for the work of the people since the theme education activities of Zezhou Company

In order to carry out the theme of "unforgettable, remember the mission", Zezhou County Power Supply Company has passed through the "change" word, carefully surveys inquiries, and makes longitudinal "one main line" to the end, parallel "three-dimensional opinion" support.

Before investigation, members of the team surrounded the "coal change", "three-way industry", hydropower self-supply area, create a research point for the construction of civilized cities and social responsibility bases, etc. Ask "; in the survey, through face-to-face discussions, one-on-one exchanges, etc., one-on-one exchange, etc., the customer’s reputation, the customer’s word of mouth, master a large number of one-hand information; after investigation, refine the problem, insist on checking, investigate, investigate, Scrupid, inspection and inspection, the issues of the comments, the comments are summarized, and the profound causes behind, and the deep reason behind the problem, and establish a long-term mechanism. In the optimization of the business environment, the "three provinces" and small micro enterprises, "three" services in small and micro enterprises are promoted, and the customer’s average operating cost is lowered. On November 3, it was an ordinary on Sunday. In a meeting, the person in charge of the property company and representative of the ancient book mine staff family and the relevant person in charge of the Guo Net Zhuzhou County Power Supply Company were holding a special scene meeting. The employee’s family members receive the renovation work, which will mark the power supply of more than six thousand residents in the area will be directly responsible for the subordinate units of the State Grid Co., Ltd., soon they will enjoy from the "National Grid" brand. Professional management and quality services. In the meeting, Wang Zhiwei, the person in charge of the property company, said: "Thanks Zezhou County Power Supply Company is working overtime for our work, and has repeatedly communicated with us, for your professional working attitude and high quality, efficient work Way a bit! "People’s electricity industry is the purpose of the enterprise, our company ‘first-class three insurance six improved’ target ideas is standard, carefully reviewed safety production, optimize the power business environment, and improve the work style to make more active The upward mental state and the enthusiasm of work, to carry out the theme education, remember the initial and mission of the Communists, and build a power grid enterprise to serve the people’s better life. "Yuan Jun, the Manager of the National Network Zezhou County Power Supply Company.学 夏).

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