China-EU economic and trade cooperation area will continue to go all the way to go real deep

Over the past 5 years, around the "along the way" building, both China and the EU consensus, there are also differences, achieved remarkable results of bilateral cooperation is no doubt true.

To further promote China-EU policy butt as of the end of April 2019, China and the 16 EU member states signed a memorandum of understanding on "along the way" cooperation, including in Eastern Europe, all 11 EU member states and Greece, Malta, Portugal, Luxembourg and Italy, Austria issued a joint statement on "along the way" of cooperation and signed cooperation documents with the third-party market in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands. "Along the way" initiative and the "Europe 2020 strategy", "European Investment Plan", the "Eurasian interoperability" strategic docking deeper. As a model for Central Europe "along the way" cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe summit (referred to as "16 + 1") mechanism has been improved, expanding areas of cooperation, to bring tangible benefits to both sides. China-EU economic and trade cooperation significantly increase Central Europe’s most important economic and trade partners to each other. Since the establishment of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership in 2003 between the two sides in 15 years, economic and trade fields rely heavily on each other situation never changed. "Along the way" initiative implemented in six years, China-EU trade and economic cooperation has been further accelerated. 2018, bilateral trade volume reached 682.2 billion US dollars, accounting for the proportion of China’s foreign trade volume is%, scale% over 2013, higher than the same period China’s foreign trade growth rate 11 percentage points higher than China and the United States, Japan and other major developed economies, the growth rate of trade. As of 2017, China’s accumulated investment of US $ 86 billion to the EU, the EU actually utilized foreign investment of $ 118.6 billion, up% and% compared to 2013.

Logistics channel construction, land and sea-Jin, according to China Railway data, 2018 China-EU trains run line 65, connecting the country 56 cities and 15 European countries and 49 cities, CDB 6300, an increase of about 78 times more than in 2013.

Return to the process of accounting for the proportion rose from the initial zero return 72% run time from the beginning of the opening line more than 20 days to around 15 days, the market competitiveness improved significantly.

Auxiliary transport infrastructure in continental sea Express fully operational, Hungary Cypriot railway trains in an orderly way, Central Trains prospects continue to improve. And by attracting capital from China, the introduction of third-party strategic partners, including the Greek port of Piraeus, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and other countries more dock gained momentum for further growth. Actively build financing channels of cooperation to solve the bottleneck of financing infrastructure development in Eurasia faced, from 2015 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to build, the Chinese and EU financial institutions to actively participate to develop "along the way" financing process for Central Europe "along the way "cooperation to provide strong support. Including 14 members of the EU to become a founding member of the Asian investment bank, China shares the EBRD, Silk Road Fund and the European Investment Bank to build a China-EU mutual funds, Commercial Bank of China led the establishment of China – Central and Eastern European fund, China and Central and Eastern European countries, financial institutions set up jointly by China – Central and Eastern European Consortium and so on.

In addition, Commerzbank and Commercial Bank of China signed a memorandum of understanding to become the first to join "along the way" mechanisms for regular bank cooperation of German banks.

"Along the way" initiative has been nearly 6 years, and onto the road of high-quality development.

Currently, unilateralism and protectionism bring greater uncertainty to the world economy. As the two most important economies in the world division at both ends, "along the way" basis, have formed a consensus on China and the EU and many other bilateral and multilateral economic and trade issues and deepening cooperation in line with their own interests, but also conducive to the stability of the world economic growth. China has always attached great importance to trade and economic relations with the EU, and actively put into action, the EU hope to expand the Chinese market access demands gave a positive response, he explained the profound deepening of EU-China "along the way" economic and trade cooperation is to highlight the fundamental consensus rather than prevention handicapping this win-win cooperation concept.

The second "along the way" International Cooperation Forum held recently, European countries are actively participating.

EU cooperation to show more initiative "along the way." EU enterprises to pay attention "along the way" in particular China open a new round of expansion of opportunities brought about by the recent number of major projects have landed in China.

China and the EU these efforts will help enhance mutual trust, eliminate concerns with each other, adding positive energy to deepen China-EU "along the way" economic and trade cooperation.

Future, "along the way" collaboration will also face a series of challenges, including financing issues, environmental issues, debt sustainability, project transparency and so may become the focus of attention.

In this regard, China and the EU can play to their strengths, to jointly uphold the principle of sharing and jointly cope with challenges, promote EU-China "along the way" economic and trade cooperation continue to go to go real deep. (Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute deputy director) (Editor: Tan Xiaoqi (intern), Fan Haixu) share to allow more people to see.

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