Central Land Port is selected for the provincial multi-purpose intermodal demonstration project

  The central transport department of multimodal transport container vendar is learned yesterday that the Provincial Department of Transportation Department and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a notice to determine 14 projects as the third batch of multimodal transport demonstration projects in Henan Province, China Aluminum Logistics Group Central China International Luang Co., Ltd. "Service Domestic Circulation, Creating Demonstration Project of Big Commodities in Central Region" in columns. As an integrated commodity multimodal transport, warehousing services, non-ferrous metallic transactions, urban joint distribution, supply chain finance services, located in the central land of the Shangzhou Shangjie District, 80 km, loading and unloading There are more than 30 railway freight stations, including the largest railway freight station in the west of Zhengzhou, there is more than 500 acres of railway extension, with more than 30 deposits, with a variety of warehouses, annual railway transport capacity of 15 million tons . Central Land Harbor has been named "Henan Modern Service Industry Professional Park" "Zhengzhou Railway Hub Planning Freight System Secondary Logistics Base".

  Since the establishment of the central part, we have fully promoted the construction of the second node (Shangjie) project of Zhengzhou International Luang, enhance cross-regional logistics distribution capacity, and enhance aggregation radiation function. On this basis, Central Luang declared the third batch of multimodal transport demonstration projects in Henan Province this year, and passed the acceptance.

At present, China Luang is actively applying for Zhengzhou Customs to establish a timber designated port and preparation to open China-European class.

(Reporter Wu Jianling correspondent Ouyang Construction Zhang Weixia / Figure).

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