All provinces’ three-level hospitals have carried out time-oriented reservation

Innovative service model improves service efficiency The province’s three-level hospital is fully brought-time reservation. The patient is now going to the hospital. It does not have to wait until the early queues. After the online reservation can directly go directly to the designated clinic waiting for the designated clinic, the province’s three-level hospitals all Appointment, 316 hospitals to carry out network, telephone, WeChat, Alipay, etc., the appointment of the appointment, the province reservation has reached 70%, and most Trica Hospital reserves to be 5 to 10 minutes. In recent years, in response to the "key little things" of the people in medical treatment, our province has a means of "Internet + Medical Health", innovate service model, improve service efficiency, and effectively improve the people’s medical treatment.

The Provincial Health and Health Committee established the "12320" province’s unified appointment registration platform, accessing more than 300 reservations of hospitals. Since the full implementation of the appointment treatment, common diseases have been shortened in hospital waiting time for 1 hour, and patients with complex diseases are shortening for nearly 1 day. To facilitate patient settlement payment, each medical institution provides patients with self-service settlement, diagnostic settlement, ward (or bedside) settlement, mobile terminal settlement, and other settlement methods, patients can be done anywhere in the hospital, any part of the cost settlement.

In response to the patient in the process, the patient needs to be inspected, take the drug link repeatedly queue, and launched an electronic medical insurance card payment, paying for the medical card payment, WeChat Alipay payment, etc., currently more than 200 hospitals in the province adopts mobile payment payment, outpatient Internet settlement With 21% of the total amount, reduce the patient’s non-visiting hospital time. In order to facilitate the patient’s reasonable examination time and path, the major hospitals in our province generally established a one-stop inspection appointment center, coordinate all kinds of inspections, and actively carry out the consultation, self-service appointment checks, and reduce the number of people queue in the masses. The Provincial Health and Health Committee continuously released the social system guidance, encourages the establishment of video, inspection, electrocardiography, pathological centers, enriching regional inspection resources, encourages the "grassroots examination, superiors" medical service model, driving electronic inspection resource sharing and medical quality Homogenization, it is convenient for patients to seek medical attention at home. At the same time, most hospitals in the province have realized inspection results to ensure the same level of treatment under medical quality and safety, sharing. In 2016, the "Healthy Liaoning Video Cloud" platform is started to implement the application of integrated digital video services, and the patient image checks the cloud storage and cloud sharing of data.

At the same time, the "Healthy Liaoning Video Cloud" platform has realized the service between the upper and lower hospitals, the medical communication between the medical affairs, the medical alliance, telephoto teaching and other services, in order to increase the level of medical standards, especially grassroots hospitals. .

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