Alibaba Group will build regional logistics centers in Malaysia

  Xinhua News Agency, March 22 (Reporter Lin Wei, Liu Wei) Alibaba Group announced that the regional logistics center will be established in Malaysia, and cooperate with the Malaysian government to build "digital free trade zone", driving e-commerce and small and medium-sized enterprises. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib and the Chairman of the Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun attended the "Digital Free Trade Zone" launching ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur. Najib said that Alibaba is the "perfect partner" of Malaysia to develop digital economy.

Ma Yun said that the "Digital Free Trade Zone" will assist SMEs and young people through new technologies.

  The Alibaba Group signed a number of understanding memorands with the horse, including the logistics platform of Alibaba, and the e-commerce website Lazada’s construction area logistics hub in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, providing logistics for cross-border trade in Malaysia SMEs. A series of supply chain facilities and business services such as warehousing, customs clearance, trade, and finance.

  Alibaba’s Alibaba will build cloud platforms in Malaysia, using Ali Cloud and big data technology to support Malaysia to cultivate local entrepreneurial companies, cultivate and reserve digital economic talents.

Ants will cooperate with Malaysia’s two major banks in Lianchang International Bank and Malaya Bank in terms of electronic payment and financial services. +1.

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