Shanxi 30 sewage units do not conduct self-monitoring and punishment according to regulations

  Original title: [Central environmental inspector and correction] Thirty-sewage units do not conduct self-contained monitoring, and the provincial Ecological Environment has released the "Notification on Self-monitoring and Information Disclosure in 2019". Briefly referred to as "notification"), the decision to implement penalties for 30 enterprise institutions that do not monitor their own monitoring and publicly monitor data.

  "Notification" pointed out that according to the Ecological Environment Department, "Who is pollup, who is monitored, who said clear sewage status", the sewage unit must conduct self-monitoring and surrounding environmental quality in the three months of obtaining the sewage permit and disclosed Self-monitoring data and other information.

However, some of the sewage units did not monitor the monitoring of law, there was no responsibility of performing their duties, and some did not submit their own monitoring programs, and some did not carry out self-monitoring or rarely launched their own monitoring, some did not publicly monitor data or rarely public Self-monitoring data, seriously affecting the province’s ecological environment monitoring work. To this end, the Provincial Ecological Environment Department is determined, and the Qinshui County Huayu Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., Pingding County Hongzheng Zinc Industry Co., Ltd., Yucheng County Fengyun Hot Force Co., Ltd. These 30 enterprises and institutions implement penalties. The Provincial Ecological Environmental Office is responsible for the investigation and punishment of these units according to law, and the results will be reported before March 15. (Reporter Cheng Guoyuan).

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