Planning urban greening may wish to "think about thinking"

Original title: Planning urban greening may wish to "stand up" recently, "Chongqing City Stereo Green Inspiration Measures" began to implement a hot spot in many Chongqing citizens.

This reflects the strong ecological environmental awareness of the public and the urgent desire to participate in urban greening; the second means that Chongqing urban greening begins to push "stereo" from "plane", which will provide more and more people can share Green space. Urban green is an important infrastructure in the city, which has an important role in improving the ecological environment and improving the quality of life.

In recent years, many places have adhered to green development, ecological priority, and a large number of green space area, urban environmental levels and residents’ happiness have obvious improvement. However, it should be seen that with the acceleration of urbanization, the population density of the central urban area of ??large and medium-sized cities is increasing, and land resources are increasingly short and out of land. After years of green construction, the relatively easy-to-implement park green space project has been built. Especially in the big cities such as Chongqing, the expansion space of the ground plane green stock has been very limited, only relying on the construction of the green space, the planting street tree, etc. It has not been able to adapt to the development needs of urban greening, and it is also difficult to meet the people for better cities. Needs of ecological environment. Break through the city’s green plane bottleneck, may wish to "think about it". First, from the spatial excavation, promote urban greening to three-dimensional space expansion. In complex and diverse urban space, high-rise buildings, pedestrian bridges, overpass, etc. can become a carrier that expands green capacity.

Make full use of these three-dimensional spaces, can improve the green coverage and space of the urban green coverage and the spatial green vision of the urban area, which has great effects on the reduction of building energy consumption and purifying the air. Second, grasp systemic and artistic. Urban greening should be connected to the overall planning of urban construction, and synchronize with urban economic and social development. To avoid one-sided, a single green planting of green graft and green landscape. In the case of the actual spatial conditions, follow the principle of biodiversity, scientific and reasonable matching of plant species, so that urban ecosystems have stabilized, let the green space realize ecological beauty, beauty, color beauty, truly realize ecological benefits and landscapes Maximize benefits. Again, pay attention to the diversification of the green, three-dimensional interaction.

Stereo greening is a comprehensive long-term project, involving government departments such as residential construction, urban management, garden, environmental protection, requires all departments to coordinate, and grasp the co-management.

Three-dimensional greening is closely related to the lives of the people, should guide the whole society to participate in the whole society, and the government and the society are interactive, thereby reaching the improvement of urban greening efficiency, reducing green management costs, and improving the good results of the people’s happiness index. (Editor: Shen Jiaping, Chen Jun) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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