Tokyo Olympics: Guhong won the boxing woman Shen Silver

Valley (right) is in the game.

ICPhoto, please do not reprint the People’s Network Beijing August 7th (Ou Xingrong) Beijing time on August 7th, in the Tokyo Olympic Boxing Women’s Shenweng-level (64-69 kg) finals, after three rounds, China The player Guhong pheros is defeated in Turkish player Su Mellell, gains silver medals.

The first round of the final, after the opening, the willingness is more intense, and with the advantages of his heroic arm, the side of the fighters, frequent hits, frequently hit the part, the tactical effect is very obvious. Sammelli has tried to use heavy punch, but Guhong did not entangle with the other party and opened a certain distance defense, and the other party was in vain.

At the end of the first round, the four referees determined that Valley 10: 9 is dominated, and a score of 9:10.

The competition entered the second round, and the cereals were justified by the referee, they were sentenced to the negative competition, and the grain gradation score became 9 points and was unfavorable. The bureau has an attack and defense, and Guhong resolutely implements the tactics that kicked away. Samienell is rushing to recover the score, and many closer attacks, the punch is very rapid. At the end of this Council, since the cereal is sentenced to the point, the five referees have hit the score of 9:10, causing the cereal to slightly behind Sumenelli. The third round of the final wins, Guhong is more active, and you come to me very exciting. Emergency, Turkish player laces accidentally fall off, she goes to the process of laces, slowly spending time.

In the end, the whole game is over, and the cereal is not enough, and it is fortunate to defend the opponent and get the silver medal.

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