The Shengshan County People’s Congress Standing Committee Research Group conducts research on public security traffic safety management

According to the Nanshan County People’s Government Network, December 23, Peng Biqiang, deputy director of the Shanshan County People’s Congress, led the team, and survived the development of public security traffic safety management in the Shanshan 2018.

On the same day, the investigation team was in the same manner to Ma Yue Town, Ji Chang Town, Jingcheng Street, County Traffic Police Brigade, etc. . Since 2018, the Shanshan County Traffic Police Brigade has adhered to the work requirements of "in addition to hidden dangers, prevent accidents, insurance, and guarantee", through in-depth development of accident prevention "unparalleled" special rectification and autumn and winter " The 100-day battle "attack hard" special action, increase illegal remediation, pay close attention to traffic safety promotion, solidly promoting traffic safety social treatment, the county road traffic safety situation achieves the overall work goal of continuous and stable decline. At the symposium, attendees have conducted in-depth discussion on the effective integration of traffic infrastructure construction and how to integrate traffic infrastructure and how to make public security traffic safety management work and "civilization in action, satisfaction in the mountain" concentrated special rectification work. The research team emphasized that road traffic safety is related to economic development and social stability. It is related to the safety of the people’s lives and property. The public security traffic police department must effectively put the responsibility, work, strict measures, strengthen the promotion of promotion, and effectively enhance traffic participation Safety awareness, forming the attention of the whole society, the participation of the whole people, paying attention to prevention, and grasping the strong atmosphere of the contest, strengthening the road, strengthening special rectification, strict investigation of key violations, and reducing traffic accidents It is necessary to actively promote road traffic safety refinement management, innovation management mechanisms and systems, and scientifically formulate traffic management methods and measures, and increase the penalty for vehicles and the education management of pedestrians, unconventional travel phenomena. The overall improvement of urban civilization; to strengthen overall cooperation, effectively strengthen close cooperation with relevant units, overall the integration of resources, and further form the overall integration of road traffic safety, to create peace, harmonious and orderly Road traffic environment. (Shanshan County Rongdian Center Liangbo) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).

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