Seven consecutive championships! E-Jiao won the health industry value-brand drugs championship standings

  September 26, in the "poly-Yao future" – on Sipp Festival, "2020–2021 Healthy Drug industry brand value TOP50" announced, the old Chinese donkey-hide gelatin retained the title, the brand value of the yuan, the brand continued to lead the force . It is reported that this is the donkey-hide gelatin since 2015, tops the list for seven consecutive years, its brand value has continued to surpass the world’s top 500 pharmaceutical enterprises in China each product brand. In an effort to promote the dual role of national policies and demand stimulus, big health industry has become a new engine of economic development, broad market prospects. Healthy new era of high-quality brand will be given a new meaning and how the responsibility to play? Donkey-hide gelatin in the smoke of the market to break out of the road, is worth more enterprises learn from.

  Ebb Tide, quality brand honors list brand is winning magic. "2020–2021 Healthy Drug industry brand value TOP50", mainly the result of systematic assessment of the economic value of donkey-hide gelatin and future earnings from the "market value, earnings expectations," two dimensions. Meanwhile, donkey-hide gelatin honor nominated "2020–2021 Healthy Industry Brand Development Index", the index reflects the donkey-hide gelatin brand competitiveness. The poll, mainly from the "product value, market value, earnings expectations, users praise the" four dimensions, the use of systematic and scientific 4D-BES system of donkey-hide gelatin brand of three-dimensional scanning and evaluation. In recent years, Dong EE Jiao strong "incoming" big health industry, by category innovation, the digital transition and brand benefits to promote industrial upgrading.

  2021 semi-annual report, the company achieved revenues of billion yuan, an increase of%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit yuan, an increase of%. Revitalizing stimulate innovation kinetic energy can get excellent brand industry, market and consumer recognition, rather than drug efficacy, safety and years of market precipitation, consumer education and adhere to innovation and development has a close relationship. So, donkey-hide gelatin is how to do the brand strength, product strength, channel power and innovation continue to consolidate and build segments of the track moat? Do a good job building the brand in order to promote the industry to a high-quality content-type development track. Donkey-hide gelatin as the old Chinese enterprises, located in the birthplace of genuine authentic donkey-hide gelatin – the East County, Shandong Province, has an extensive knowledge of mental resources, known as the first brand of health tonic.

May 2021, E-Jiao won the 2021 Chinese brand building brand value of China Association released the evaluation old Chinese Group 4, while the donkey-hide gelatin selected for the second session of Shandong card brand influence TOP standings, won the "Shandong Card" title .

  Donkey-hide gelatin based on efficacy advantages, its donkey-hide gelatin, mechanism and clinical pharmacology studies FEJ the parties recognized experts. Many experts in the field of scientific research and medical institutions, pharmaceutical and other borrowed advanced science and technology, gelatin found in the treatment of anemia in pregnancy β- Mediterranean anemia patients, the protective effect of low lung function model, the treatment of ovarian dysfunction, promote skin collagen absorption, and FEJ in fatigue, chemotherapy treatment and anti-dengue cause bone marrow suppression and other pharmacological aspects of the study. This is also the East E-Jiao’s product quality has been the main reason for consumer recognition. Meanwhile, donkey-hide gelatin glue as the industry leader, has a competitive advantage can not be copied in scientific research.

Donkey-hide gelatin has only "National Engineering Research Center of Chinese medicine glue" approved by the Ministry of Science industry, with "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory glue medicine research and development", "Shandong Province glue medicine technology innovation center "platform, standardized to assume special traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on R & D programs and other national and provincial more than 20 projects, more than 180 authorized patents, has won the Shandong Province Science and technology progress Award 3 , Chinese patent award outstanding award four.

  Dozens of domestic and foreign companies and research institutes and universities, the establishment of a research cooperation mechanism complementary, industry-leading level in gelatin glue and other traditional Chinese medicine research and development, technology, personnel and resources.

  In the digital transformation of development today, donkey-hide gelatin focus of the digital economy, the Internet as infrastructure, integrated use of big data, mobile Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, open up key sectors of production, marketing, merging online and offline, so that products and services to better reach consumers.

While building private domain user pool, the establishment of efficient low-cost content marketing strategy, employee activation channels, to achieve full marketing.

  Standing – on the new "Healthy 20,202,021 pharmaceutical industry brand value top1" starting point, donkey-hide gelatin will continue to expand category penetration, increase consumer awareness, and find targeted, efficacy, high viscosity breakdown products and other new growth point.

Future, donkey-hide gelatin glue will be a cornerstone product, the development trend of big health industry and consumer demand, more functional product development direction to achieve incremental transition from the stock market to market.

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