Under strike, some websites are still in virtual currency marketing promotion

Original title: Strictly strike, there are still some websites that are still in a multi-sector of the People’s Bank of China, which has been clarified by the People’s Bank of China, which has been clearly financial activities, providing marketing publicity in the overseas virtual currency exchange. responsibility.

However, "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter recently investigated that some websites were still advocating for virtual currency marketing. This type of website is not only a "block chain" "Yuan Universe" and other name-honored virtual monetary quotes, but also releases articles tutorial, organizational activities, live broadcast, for various types of virtual currency marketing draft. Strictly playing the virtual currency is still active. Liu Bin et al. In addition to the progress of the post-release block chain production, there are many other active planning and reprinted content on such websites. There are many recommended virtual currencies: – "Project", bring together various types of virtual currency projects in the world.

Some use "game" entry tutorial collection, etc., all kinds of virtual currency projects, some directly publish virtual currency cross-border sales tutorial, "hand handle" teaches netizens to fry the coin; – "Activities", exchange activities for virtual currency projects Publishing a preview, providing a online registration window; The circle is a gathering place, publicly publishes the virtual currency speculation article.

Received money, release virtual currency related marketing information According to reporters, some virtual currency related websites pay money, spend money, can make virtual currency related marketing information on related platforms, and not marking "advertising" "promotion", The price is different depending on the platform, the cheap tens of yuan, no 10,000 yuan. Home Show 9000 yuan, non-home display 3,000 yuan, this is an active virtual currency related website staff to report the reporter’s publishing, and "the price will be in the case, please confirm the price in advance before order". " XX "is a completely cosmic universe of the community to the center of the virtual space Yuancai + NFT project, the zipper chain digital asset authentication, through the double-stranded core coin + Rolling contract address: 0xff …" This is the publishing interviewer show The payment promotion sample, spending hundreds of dollars, can be released at multiple platforms. In addition, the reporter found that there is a currency capital behind some websites, with a deeper interest relationship with the virtual monetary platform.

In September of this year, it is an illegal financial activity that is illegally financially related to the risk of further preventing and disposing virtual currency trading.

For the relevant foreign staff, as well as knowing the virtual currency related business, it is still related to the provision of marketing publicity, payment settlement, technical support, etc. responsibility.

"The Internet platform can be determined to be violated as long as there is a need to recommend virtual currency. Increase the full chain supervision industry insiders, and there are many websites, which are mainly due to the formation of the shots, and the violation cost is limited. According to the relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China, in order to build a multi-dimensional, multi-level virtual currency trading, the risk prevention and disposal system, the financial management department, the Nets department, the telecommunications authorities, the public security department, the market supervision department, from cutting Payment channels, dispose of relevant websites and mobile applications according to law, strengthen relevant market subject registration and advertising management, and combat the integrated criminal behavior of illegal crimes such as relevant illegal financial activities. Mao Lingling, director of the Financial Supervision and Criminal Governance Research Center, East China University of Political Science and Law, said that virtual currency transactions have disrupted economic financial order. At present, my country has supervised virtual currency full chain activities. The market regulatory authorities should consider the supervision of the virtual currency related advertisements in accordance with the law, and timely investigate and deal with relevant illegal advertisements.

In addition to increasing the rectification of the website for virtual currency marketing publicity, some respondents said that virtual currency transactions and issuance platforms have challenged the root-critical virtual currency related activities, so further blocking virtual currencies in the country in terms of landing. Channels are very important, including related WeChat public accounts, Weibo and other platform accounts. (Edible) (Editor: Mu Jing Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.

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