The 14th National National Games Tibet Sports delegation won 2 gold 2 copper

  Left: The last game venue of the Equestrian three-course group competition.

  Mid-Autumn Festival, Jijun is frequent! On September 21, our district got 2 gold 2 copper and equestrian three-final group of the first gold, and more than 10000 meters of the two National Games. On the afternoon of the 21st, the fourteenth National Games equestrian team ended the event. The Tibetan team, who was in the event of the athletes, and the Tibetan, the Tibetan, composed of Luzi, and Zhaxi. The project group game gold medal, this is the first gold medal won in the competitive project of this year in our district, achieving the competitive equestrian in our district in the history of gold "zero breakthrough" in the history of the National Games.

In the individual competition, Geman is ranked third, and a bronze medal is won for our district.

  At the same day, the track and field project men’s 10,000 meters finals, the players in our district, Saomb, Ren, Dangmu, Taoism

After a fierce battle, Dubledia took a 28-minute 35 seconds of scores, won the championship, won the championship for Tibet, and won the second gold of this year’s National Games, and won the champion of the two National Games. Dan Hui Qiwang and Solangend have obtained the fourth and seventh place.

  In addition, the two all-round finals of the climbing adult group also ended on the 21st. Tibet players Bai Ma Yuzhen won the quarter, winning a bronze medal, which is the first medal that Tibet Sports delegation won in the competitive project of this year. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

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