Super "fierce" cold air "delivery" in Shanghai, next Monday, Shanghai is only 12 ° C

Original title: Super "fierce" cold air is "sending" in the middle of the highest 12 ° C New Sports News (Reporter Ma Dan) Super "fierce" cold air is "send", Shencheng is about to sign "wind + rain + Rapid cooling "comprehensive package. Affected by the air and warm air confrontation, it will come first in the morning. It is officially arrived before and after the cold air "Main Army" on the 7th, and the temperature in Shanghai will fall.

According to Shanghai Center Meteorological Station, strong cold air affects Shanghai’s significant period of 7 to 8 days, and will appear significantly wind, cooling the weather, 24-hour cooling rate can reach 8 ~ 10 ° C.

Since then, autumn rain reproduces.

This round of main precipitation period will appear on the 5th, cumulative rainfall is mainly (15 ~ 40 mm), may be with weak lightning; the daytime precipitation is short-lived, and it turns again to small to medium rain on the 7th. On the evening of the 7th, in the middle of the night, strong cold air began to affect Shencheng, the temperature was significantly declined, and the rain will also work part-time. The 24-hour cooling in 7 to 8 days is 8 ~ 10 ° C, the lowest temperature in the urban area in the morning is about 7 ° C in the morning, only 4 ~ 5 ° C, the highest temperature on the 8th is only 11 ~ 12 ° C.

At the same time, in the evening of the 7th to 8th, the northwest wind will appear. The largest gust of land is 7 ~ 8, the Yangtze River mouth area 8 ~ 9, Yangshan Port District and East China coastal sea surface have 9 ~ 10; due to the continuous cold air to supplement the south, there are still 6 ~ 7 levels during the day of 9 ~ 10 West wind.

Since the cold air path is west, it is conducive to the cold air to constantly supplement the south. Therefore, after the cold air striker, on the 8th, Shanghai will turn back to clear cold and dry weather, and will last for a while.

Meteorologists reminded that the cold air process has a long duration, and there is a certain impact on water and land transportation, and there is a large temperature in cold air, and the temperature changes is large, and a variety of diseases such as respiratory infection and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Add clothing and do a good job. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

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