Shenzhen Qianhai issued policy subsidies Hong Kong Qing Internship, employment, entrepreneurship

  Xinhua News Agency, November 22 (Reporter Zhao Ruixi) Shenzhen Qianhai Authority issued "Interim Measures for the Administration of Special Funds for Talents Development in Qi Dynasty in Qianhai Die-Shenzhen".

The way to set up a deep-Hong Kong talent collaboration chapter, through setting internship subsidies, living subsidies, practicing rewards, employ people reward, entrepreneurial rewards, etc., providing more support for the internship practice, work life and entrepreneurial practice of Hong Kong youth in Qianhai Cooperative District. The method stipulates that Hong Kong youths in the Qianhai Cooperative District, give each person 3,000 yuan internship subsidy, subsidy period is not more than 6 months; Hong Kong youth working in the Qianhai Cooperative District, according to Dr. 10,000 yuan / month , 3,000 yuan / month, bachelor’s 5,000 yuan / month standard gives life subsidies, subsidies for no more than 3 years; full-time job in Qianhai Cooperative District, provide financial, accounting, taxation, law, shipping, construction project, education medical Waiting for professional services to obtain Hong Kong or Mainland licensed Hong Kong professionals, one-time rewards 30,000 yuan.

For a number of qualifications, the highest reward is 50,000 yuan.

  Not only rewards talents, but also rewards "leaders".

The Measures stipulate that the agency of Hong Kong youth is hired, 30% of the Hong Kong youth salary hired by the previous year employment agency, the standard of 30,000 yuan per person per year, giving the employer’s employment reward, the award period is no more than 3 years.

Using Hong Kong youth reached more than 30 people, a one-time superposition reward 200,000 yuan. Entrepreneurs can also receive rewards. The Measures stipulate that there are more than 25% of the Hong Kong youth with more than 1 million yuan to hold more than 1 million yuan and the actual operating income of more than 1 million yuan and actually operated in the Qianhai Cooperative District. No more than 3 years.

  The Measures also stated that support Shenzhen key universities, scientific research institutions, and scientific and technological enterprises and Hong Kong innovation entrepreneurship’s partnerships have established talent communities, and play the strengths of the two places to introduce high-level talents. (Editor: Wang Yu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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