People’s Daily Overseas Edition: The World General Assembly with fire

In July 201, the 44th World Heritage Conference was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

Thereby, the concept of the World Heritage has a profound impact on local public awareness and social development.

清 古 厝 厝 深 清 清 清 清 清 清 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 道 道 道 要 道 要 要 要 道 道 道 要 要 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要In the past, the name of the ancient 厝 清 is not loud. In fact, the quantity of 厝 清 is very large, and the type is diverse, and it is not only a certain type of ancient.

"Fuzhou Ancient 古 includes seven types of rural lacks, commerce, garden, industrial, religion, Zhuangzhai, and residential living, with four major characteristics of many historical, numerous quantities, multi-diversity, and vivid utilization.

"Dr. Wei Ziyuan in Fuzhou Cultural Relics Bureau seems that Minqing is an important representative and organic component of Fuzhou, concentrated in the characteristics of diversification. Lin Yue is the original museum of the Minqing County Museum, and also research Ancient experts.

He said: "The ancient 厝 厝 can be divided into the type of Ming, Qing and the Republic of China. The ancient people in the Ming Dynasty is the" Phoenix Wings ", the building size is not large, the top of the five open rooms, the open world Building a tall fence, there are ten rooms in the house to six in the house, and there are ten nine sends a nine in the fine components. The country is simplified in the foundation of the Qing Dynasty.

"The first year of NMD (after the first year of Launnification), the King King of Ji Ji Xi Xixi is the Minqing County, which is the beginning of Minqing.

Four of 5 major surnames such as Jin, Wu, Xie, Pool, Zhang, etc. They brought all kinds of cultures such as the Central Plains, the imperial exam, but also continued the architectural style of the Central Plains. The famous Chinese Hepatobiliary Surgery, Wu Mengchao, is a clear man.

To commemorate his outstanding contribution, Minqing County has built Wu Mengchao’s academician.

"Before you go to the classics!" There is a dark-class-class of the ancient Chinese architectural style from Wu Mengchao’s academician.

This is a typical 闽 清 厝, presenting an elegant white wall appearance character.

As a cadre talent that is just introduced, Li Guorui has introduced the head of the ancient world. It is said: "The departure front is a half-month pool, mainly for fireproof.

The stone mosquetched city wall in the distance is ‘jade belt loop’. The 300-year banyan tree, a turtle and a snake, called the ‘turtle snake, which shows the harmonious relationship of the designer’s intention.

"In 1899, the Qing Dynasty, Huang Nai, moved to Singapore, and recruited immigrants to the Malaysia Sarawak, and founded" Fu Bao ".

Today, Malaysia has more than 200 million Chinese people. Local overseas Chinese brought back the abundant capital and Nanyang architectural style.

"Garden Building" also appeared in a large number of 闽 清.

The building such as Tianlu Building, Qiqi, Chang, Ciqi is widely used in style with Western elements such as blue brick columns, vouchers, vouchers, windows, blinds, Western railings, integrating with local architectural style. "Wearing a wear wear" is a unique architectural form.

Since these ancients show a historical value unique to cultural heritage, there are currently more than 20 historic buildings in Minqing County.

Based on diverse characteristics, the cultural value of the Qing Dynasty and Qing Dynasty is superior, the terrain is unique. With the landscape of the mountains, the residents shaped multi-cultural and cultural and civilian people. The ancient 厝 清 is also concentrated in cultural diverse features. Qingliang, pine, fir, Zhangmu, Nanmu and other tree species and red soil, granite, mountain stone, bamboo, reeds and other building materials, provide sufficient raw materials for the ancient buildings.

So just a variety of architectural elements in the field of one county.

In addition to the traditional ancient people in the Central Plains and the Jiangnan style, overseas immigrants are unique to the building and Fang Tower, etc.

"Qing Qing’s clear, refers to the mountains and clearing, and also refers to women in Fuqing.

There is water in Minshang Mountain, and the feudal thinking is not so deep; the situation is narrow and thick, women have to participate in labor. So in the Qing Dynasty, many ancient 厝 is also hosted or participated in the construction of women, which is also a unique local cultural phenomenon.

"The famous Fuzhou local literature and history study expert Chen Chuyue is described like this.

The Niangzhai, winter and winter, and Si Lixuan are hosted or participated in the construction. "This reflects the unique female merchants of Minqing, and gives birth to the concept of men and women." Qing scholars summarize the local cultural characteristics. Corresponding Minqing cultural characteristics can be found in all kinds of antiquities in Minqing.

For example, the two teenagers correspond to the ritual and music culture, Xu Shi’s Ancestral Hall shows the champion culture, the local garden architecture reflects the overseas Chinese culture, Yixian Yixian kiln and ceramics culture, Liuhe Temple and the ancestral culture, Jinsha Sheng Juntang and non-legacy Culturally has a close relationship, Honglin, represents a typical red culture … These cultural elements are blending here, which not only spurt the type of ancient cultural culture, but also makes the hometown of architecture and won the "Southeast Porcelain" . The agricultural products of Minqing are also very diverse, powder dry, bad, olive is three major agricultural brands, and can form a scale of one town (hometown). How is cultural diversity condensed into a more unified cultural value characteristics? "Before and after the World Heritage Conference, we have begun to mine the link between the ancient and eight cultures.

"Graduated from Tsinghua University, Chen Guozhen, who is currently being served as Vice Foreign Town, Metropolitan Town:" At present, we are working hard to create ‘China Rich Township’ ” ‘World Relie’ s Bettere ", and actively cooperate with Tsinghua University Rational Research Center. In-depth exploration of the ceremonial culture in ancient 古 厝.

"Introducing social value" to "walk out" deep mountain 闽 清 古 厝 has a long history and profound cultural heritage, but its current situation is not optimistic: in addition to the damage caused by natural disasters, many buildings are also facing long-term dismissal and casual Refurbished transformation of the situation.

The ancient protector of the ancient world of Fuzhou, with the neighbors of Minqing, the famous Yongtai Zhuangzhai became a popular tourist destination … These changes have brought hope and pressure in Minqing.

Although the World Heritage Conference is over, the cultural heritage concept is still a long-lasting thinking for the locals.

The cultural heritage connotation supported by the ancient 厝, with the economic drive effect of popularity aggregation, the brand shaping, etc., the same, the same emphasis is obtained. In Fuzhou, the cultural streets built in the ancient rules are becoming a new growth point in the night economy. "This happens, there should be 3 levels of our ancient protection, one is to protect itself, it must be protected; second, it is necessary to dig his historical value and cultural value, so that it is both shape and soul; ‘Borrowing ancient book now’, focusing on its social effect.

"Mei Cheng Town Propaganda Committee, Minqing County, Huang Hui." Since this year, especially the World Heritage Conference, we have to receive several visitors every day, from provinces, municipalities, counties and even town, and the villages have And even there is a province.

The interpretator is currently lacking! "Liu Yanyun, secretary of the party committee of Meocheng Town," Su Qing is Fujian Red Revolution Old District.

Many ancient times are located after the enemy base, once as a local liaison station, the traffic station. Honglin is the "Anti-Japanese Salvation" Weekly Editorial Department, Tianru Tower is the old site of the Ministry of Working Committee and the Minjiang River.

This year, it is also held in the CPC and the World Heritage Conference, and Tianxians and, the launch of red ancients is in time.

"Excavation of the historical and cultural value of the ancients, driving the participation of social forces, promoting the protection, utilization, and development of public integration.

After retired from the Minqing County Museum, Lin Yue is not idle, and also a native literature such as "清 古厝" and "Meiyi Visiting Ancient".

Many exhibitions have been held in 666 architectural homes in Honglin.

After the transformation, Baoying has become a Tsinghua University Rural Revitalization Workstation.

Further reading the geographical environment of multi-hub, less plain, and has a long-lived historical environment, and then adds the living habits of farming in the midwen in the south, enclosing farming living habits, so that Minqing has more than 100 Zhai. .

In addition to the traditional people in the traditional residential, Minqing Ancient Fu also includes a temple building, reflecting the concept of clan ritual, and some ancient and even introduced the gods and the casual space, such as the six-shangdians and Zhang Shengjun Monteen, the famous crown. Holy Jun Tang. In addition, there is a "flagpole" that reflects the local imperial examination.清 古 厝 is also facing the double pressure of protection and development. In 2016, the floods have damaged many buildings in China’s first great ancient Chinese Honglin (Figure 1) in China.

There are also some landmarks in the local area. The link between Fujian and Qing Dynasty is the collectiveness of the ancient buildings in Minqing County. The historical age, historical figures, historical buildings.

According to statistics, there are 594 cultural relics protection units and cultural relics and cultural relics, and more than 900 ancient buildings are listed in the entire Fuzhou.

(Deng Xiaolin Huang Weiwei) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (11th edition, December 06, 2021).

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