Sichuan seriously implemented the coal-electricity enterprise "minus, retreat, slow" tax measures to help enter the winter

Tax cadres understand the business operation of the company in power companies.

Dazhou Taxation Bureau is for map to effectively reduce the tax burden of coal-electricity enterprises, alleviate the difficulties of corporate funds and operations, and promote energy power supply, Sichuan tax department establishes internal overall coordination mechanism, and conscientiously implement the powerful support Difficult to reduce tax refund measures, playing the help of coal-electricity companies to relieve the "combination of punches", and ensure that the coal-electricity enterprise tax and fee preferential policy should be enjoyed. "Retreat" to the implementation, the power to entertilize the stationary Luzhou Xu Yong County Kailong Distribution Energy Co., Ltd. is a main business, thermal production and supply.

Upon rising raw materials, a new round of epidemic is affected by many factors such as multi-exudation, and enterprises have recently been able to operate. In order to support enterprises, the local tax authorities use the system data comprehensive analysis and planning, understanding coal and electricity management and taxation, forming a list of corporate list, and is in accordance with the "Coal Power Enterprise Tax Preference Policy List", detailed analysis The tax and fee preferential policy that coal-electricity enterprises can build applicable tax policy packages for the company. Through one enterprise, the tax department learned that the Kailong Distribution Energy Co., Ltd. has been established since 2019, which has invested a lot of funds for the pre-equipment operation, resulting in a large number of taxes.

According to this situation, the tax department sympathically solve the problem, the first time, the first time, counseling enterprises complete the incremental tax return application. "More than 20 million yuan of incremental retreat will soon play the company account, fill the funds vacancies in the purchase equipment, watching these taxes ‘real gold and silver’, we have more confident to the next guarantee. "The leader of the company project said.

"Success" out of the air, the snow can send charcoal in the snow, and the weather is getting low. Guo Can Sichuan Hua Yushan Power Co., Ltd. is a fire power generation enterprise in Dazhou, a long-term purchase of provincial capital.

"Coal inventory is urgent, and there is basically no marginal benefit of power generation, it is likely to stop, and it is possible to face the risk of funds chain." Yan Mingdong said.

In order to help enterprises "break", Datan Tax Special Working Group on-site docking enterprises, analysis and research can implement preferential policies, and report to the county committee, county government and related functional departments.

Up to now, the company applies for a payment of taxes and fees for more than 1.8 million yuan. In the face of the impact of international domestic commodity prices to the coal-electricity industry, Sichuan tax system launched the "question demand, excellent service, solve the problem", helping enterprises to use good tax payment policies, through 12366 tax service hotline , The Electronic Tax Office, etc. "Point-to-point" reminds the company to handar, so that companies can warm the winter. "Reduce" confidence, Thai plus fire development "This year’s tax reduction and price reduction policy gives our business development is very helpful, local tax department services have been online, for us to send policies, solve problems, let us enjoy Go to policy offers.

"Talking about the tax reduction price policy, the general manager of Guang’an Power Generation Co., Ltd., Guang’an Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Lei Jianping calculates a tax reduction account this year.

"Since this year, the company has enjoyed corporate income tax discounts to reduce 28.76 million yuan, the second half of the house, the two taxes will be over 5.8 million yuan, and it is expected that the increase in value-added tax increments for the enterprise in December is about 30 million yuan. It is estimated that the company will enjoy the tax of 60 million yuan this year. This greatly boosts our business development confidence. "It is understood that this year, the local tax department has focused on the Sichuan Guang’an Power Generation Co., Ltd. It has established a tax policy to implement the tracking account, specializing in the "Coal Power Enterprise Preferential Policy", carrying out the promotional and tax-fee preferential policy promotion and counseling, opening up a tax policy to enjoy the green channel, more measures counseling enterprises to check the tax rebate, Capture.

Through this package, ensure that the Popular tax and fee preferential policy should enjoy, and the bags are set off.

Li Yanling, deputy director of the Income Planning Accounts of the Taxation Bureau of Sichuan Province, said that in the face of the current development of coal-electricity enterprises, the Sichuan tax department will be compacted step by step, and the situation is clear, and it is unfold that supports enterprises "Minus, retreat, slow" tax measures, optimize supporting services, effectively alleviate the pressure of coal and electricity and heating enterprises and difficulties in production and operation, and promote this winter and spring energy insurance. (Wu Jie Chen Yongkang) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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