Potangian drought, tomato, rich peasant, "Red agate"

Original title: Pot Cang Duxi Tongney Tommaton Fulong "Red Agate" August in the morning, Tian just bright, the pig is turned over, and the horse does not stop and rushed to the land, where there is already a long truck waiting for him to arrange the car. .

Sui Li Zhong said that merchants from Shanxi Taiyuan, Henan, Jiangsu and Shandong, etc. every day, to pull away 150,000 tartatches, and 10-selling price of 48 yuan per box through e-commerce platforms will also sell 2,000 copies.

  In this way, the scene of the harvest scene is staged in many tomatoes in Potuan County, Shanxi Province. "Dryland tomatoes make the land to the ‘Red Agate’, sales are getting more popular, the days are also more and better." The villagers said. Returning to entrepreneurship is striving for poverty-enriched leadership 49-year-old piglet, is the head of the Yangshui Professional Cooperative of Potuan County, Shaguan County, is also a president of the Power of Tomato Association in Potuan County. He ranked home in 2008, planting potatoes, and has 13 years. From time to time, Sui Li is revealed and loved to the father and the land of his hometown.

"The farm is a very hard business, when doing business in the city, every day is eating, chatting. Since returning home, although it is very hard, it can make the poverty in the village, change the poverty in the village. This is the only motivation I insist on taking a strong pot to close the drought.

"交 忠 said.

  Tudai is 27 years old, he is a son of chestnut.

"The father is too hard. Every year in April, the beginning of the year is over October. During this time, the father returned home in the middle of the night, and the sky did not lit. It is really difficult to do. The scale, specialization, quality of tomatoes in Guanxian County explored a distinctive development path to help many villagers were getting rich.

"Sui Li Zhong first made a clothing business in the county, is very popular, and later opened a studio in the county. In 2008, he was attracted to the policy of the Potang County Committee and the county government. He decided to return to his hometown.

In this end, the minds of the nostalvous cow are not afraid of the tiger and must do the first initial mind. In his own hometown, Shao Liang Village passed the land of 57 mu. At that time, the money for one day per day was 35 yuan, and the rent is 800 yuan per acre, and the per capita income is more than 4,000 yuan.

With years of experience on the business field, the sternum loyalty believes that it is a large prosper with a dry place.

Since its in 2009, his dry land tomato planting has exceeded 200 acres, and it was appointed as "Tomato King".

Under the driving of Sui Li loyalty, the farmers have changed the situation of farmers planting tomatoes on a few acres of land from home or sporadic, Wang Qika, Lin Qingzhuang Village, and Madun Village have also begun to plant dry places tomatoes, more and more people Hungiang started.

  Due to local conditions to create a geographical sign brand Potang County is located in the depths of Taihang Mountain, the mountains are deep, ten years of nine droughts, and it has been known as "dry pot" in history. The local county has three thousand feet. Record. However, it is such a unique natural environment that is long, the temperature difference between day and night, has cultivated a dryland tomatoes with unique quality. Potuan County belongs to the national poor county. In recent years, Potuan County has always wins the poverty battle as a major political task and the first people’s livelihood project. At the high attention of the Potang County Committee and the county government, the local area is prize from planting, breeding, storage, processing, trading market, sales, driving, etc., giving specials in poverty On the basis of subsidies, guide larger users to take "Company + Cooperative + Base + Farmers" "Company + Base + Farmers" "Cooperative + Farmers" and other models, through flowing land, orders, absorption, etc., etc. Poverty households establish a profit joint mechanism. With the continuous development and growth of the dryland tomato industry, Potuan County is closely around the "China Northern Dryland Tomatoes", and continues to improve the brand influence of the potato of the pot. In 2019, China · Pot Guan’s first Dryland Tomato Culture Festival officially released the brand logo of "Potang County Dry Places". The 68-year-old store town village scenery won the "Persimmon" laurel in the Drought Tomato Culture Festival and gave 5,000 yuan bonuses given by the government. In 2016, "Pot Cang Dry Tomato" geographic logo proves that the trademark is allowed to register, adding a thick-graphic color of the "Potang Dry Dry Di Tomatoes", which has strongly promoted local dry land tomatoes regional industrial structure adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading, drive The local poor and rural idle labor is employed, and the agricultural structural adjustment and transformation upgrade of Potuan County, Changzhi and even Shanxi Province have produced demonstration.

  In recent years, Potang County Xingyang Dijing Tomato Association has rely on the modern industrial park building in Shao Liang Village Sunshine Professional Cooperatives, forming a standardized pottery drought tomato marketing model. The association uses the "company + base + farmers" cooperation model, improves the participation of poor people, using the line experience and online marketing combined, promotes the potatoes of the pot of the pot, promoting the storns of drought, tomatoes, seedling, planting, processing Construction of production system.

At the same time, the association strengthened cooperation with local scientific research institutions to develop more drought tomatoes processing products, and combined with dry land tomato seedlings, planting, processing product quality testing standards and norms, establish product quality supervision systems to ensure potscent Duel, improve the reputation of the geographical logo brand of "Pot Cang Dry Tomato".

  At present, Potangian drought, tomatoes have formed a pattern of scale, standardization, industrialization, covering more than 170 towns in the county, gradually forming more than 20 "one village one products" and tomatoes, etc. Professional villages, more than 200 agricultural companies or professional cooperatives are planted in dryland tomatoes; the annual average planting area of ??50,000 mu is about 50,000 mu, including 7,500 kilograms of acres, total output 10,000 tons; acres with income million, total output value billion yuan, Mediet has increasing more than 3,500 yuan. "The potato of Potang is promoting the development of industrial development, increasing social employment, promoting farmers’ income, agricultural growth, especially in promoting the industrial poverty alleviation, winning the poverty and striving of the energetic strikes, and has gone out of a red fire. .

"Sui Li Zhong said, I hope to rely on the" Pot Cang Dry Dry Tomato "geographic logo to prove the" gold medal ", the local dry land tomato industry can further make great strength, improve the quality of the geographical logo products, and create geographical logo brands and geographical symbols poverty alleviation Aspects come out of a new road. (Yang Linping) (Editor: Lin Ling, Li Wei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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